Library friends fear library closings

People who love the libraries have an important opportunity to oppose cuts to State Aid for Public Libraries and to support an increase in State Aid.

Governor McDonnell’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 cuts State Aide by two percent to public libraries. Many small libraries may have to close because of lack of funds for staff. All libraries would have to reduce what new books and other materials they can buy. In small libraries, this may mean nothing can be bought.

Friends know that public libraries are more important than ever before to every resident in the Commonwealth. We want funding increased, not decreased.

Delegate Kirk Cox is Chair of the Higher Ed Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee and is familiar with State Aid. Friends who want to help public libraries can call his office to let him know they support Delegate May’s amendment to restore the two percent that was cut and Delegate Scott’s amendment to increase State Aid.

Friends can also call the office of the delegate for your district and voice your support. To get the name of your delegate and their contact information, go to

If you want additional information, go to the Virginia Library Association’s website.

Delegate Cox’s phone number: (804) 526-5135. The person who answers the phone will take down your comments. You will be asked to give your name, address, and home telephone number.


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