Kaylyn Bailey receives Discus Award

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Kaylyn Bailey of L. C. Bird High School is a Discus Award recognition winner.  

She has joined an elite group of extraordinary students from around the country that have built a track record of success in at least three of ten key attributes valued by colleges.

Every month during the school year, one Discus Award winner will be selected to win a $2,000 National All-Around student scholarship.

In addition to providing these scholarship dollars, our partners will occasionally make special benefits and discounts available to Discus Award winners that we will share with you through our monthly Discus Awards newsletter.

As a member of the Discus community, Bailey’s profile may now be viewed in the winners gallery.

Being a Discus Award winner puts her in the running for one of a number of college scholarships. Scholarships are awarded on the last weekday of every month of the school year. Winners are announced on the Discus Award Facebook fan page. Be sure to check the fan page often for information regarding the winners, as well as updates on additional scholarship opportunities.


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