Meetings for two BOS cases seek comment from local citizens

The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors will consider an amendment for a conditional use relative to age restrictions for Ironbridge Corner LC on 19.8 acres in the Bermuda District at a public meeting on April 25, 2012. The amendment calling for a change of proffers was deferred at the March 28 Supervisors meeting.

A community meeting to discuss the merits of the Iron Mill Townhome tentative subdivision plan will take place at Ecoff Elementary School cafeteria at 7 p.m. on April 18, 2012.
Joe Feest, of the county’s plan review staff said in an email that Wilton Family Investments (the developer) has responded to the community’s concerns by requesting the tentative go to the Planning Commission for review instead of through an administrative review in the planning department. The pending tentative is scheduled to be heard at the Planning Commission’s April 17 meeting. Staff will be recommending to the Planning Commission a 30-day deferral to the May 15, 2012 meeting so that the community meeting can take place.

At this time, the case is still scheduled for the April 25 BOS meeting as follows:

Wilton Family Investments, LLC is asking the Board of Supervisors for relief at the Iron Mill development from the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act requirements to permit encroachment into the RPA (Resource Protection Area) buffer along the tributary of Great Branch Creek as a result of grading and construction related to building, road network, parking and other accessory construction. The property is located between Iron Bridge Road and Ecoff Road just west of Chester.

The full descriptions of these cases have yet to be posted online, but you may be able to view the files at the planning office in the Community Development Building on Government Center Parkway.


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