Chester Garden club spruces up Chester

For a number of years the Chester Garden Club has worked to make the raised Pocket Park at the corner of Ironbridge Road and Harrowgate Road as well as the bedding area around the Chester sign on the west side of Chester attractive sites for people coming into Chester.  Well-groomed and beautiful landscaping not only is a visual delight but also reveals the love and pride Chester citizens have for their community.

The Chester Garden Club began its work by seeking out and receiving contributions from businesses and civic organizations in the community in addition to providing funding from the Garden Club and then worked with local experts at the extension office and a local nursery to choose and purchase ideal shrubs, plants and bulbs for each location.  Each Garden Club member is assigned to work on one of these beautification projects.  In the spring and fall, Garden Club members have work days to plant, weed, fertilize, prune and mulch the beds. 

Throughout the rest of the spring, summer and fall, members work in teams to weed the areas, clean up  litter and water the two sites as needed  by bringing water in containers in their vehicles.  Transporting water to these locations during the long, hot, summer dry spells has been especially time-consuming, hard work, but the results have been very rewarding.  There have been challenging weather conditions like the harsh winter of 2009/2010 and the record heat and drought in the summers of 2010 and 2011, but the Chester Garden Club has tended both locations diligently and hopes that the community enjoys seeing these lovely, colorful and natural sites in the heart of our community.

The Chester Garden Club  was honored this month with the Chester Community Association’s Orchid Award.


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