Police Blotter: April 7, 2010

SHORECREST LN 3/24 Woodland Pond. The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s tan 1999 Jaguar.

BASS ST 3/24 A yellow Kawasaki bike was reported stolen.

ALFALFA LN 3/25 Bellwood Maisonette Apartments. The front door to the residence was forced open and items were taken from the interior.

GENERAL BL 3/25 Central Park. Property was removed from the victim’s residence. The items had been kept outside.

HAPPY HILL RD 3/25 Corman Construction. Unknown suspect/s cut the lock on the entrance gate, entered the premise, pried open two closed-in trailers and cut the lock on a conex trailer. No items were determined to be missing.

DREWRYS BLUFF RD 3/27 Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation. The remains of a fire were discovered in the restroom of the community center.

GERMONT AVE 3/28 Bellwood Heights. The victim received a phone call from an unknown suspect who threatened to blow his house and car up.

REMORE DR 3/26 Salem Woods. An unknown suspect forced open the back door and removed property from inside.

PANO DR 3/26 Kimberly Acres. Unknown suspects entered the victim’s residence by removing a pane of glass from a French door and then unlocking the door. Property was stolen.

MAIN ST 3/26 Suspect/s pried the rear door open and removed property from inside.

NORCLIFF RD 3/28 Suspect/s entered the victims’ garage by removing a piece of plywood from a broken window. Property was taken from the garage.

MERIDIAN AVE 3/28 Entry was forced to two residential sheds by cutting the locks and miscellaneous property was taken.

VINTNER DR 3/27 Vinings at Ironbridge. An unknown suspect attempted to enter the apartment by breaking a window and attempting to open the sliding glass door. Entry was not gained.

LAUREL OAK RD 3/28 Oakmont. Property was taken from the victim’s purse while in the vehicle by a known suspect.

RIO VISTA ST 3/27 An unknown suspect stole 400 feet of welding line from a welder, which was in the back of the victim’s pickup truck.

HARROWGATE RD 3/26 Barnes Heating and Air. The tags were removed from the victim’s business vehicle.

APPLEWOOD RD 3/28 Meadowbrook Manor. An unlocked van, with keys left inside, was stolen from the victim’s rear yard.

MARINA DR 3/27 Falling Creek Apartments. A 1993 Chevrolet Caprice was stolen from the apartment complex. The keys may have been left in the ignition.

HUNTSVILLE RD 3/29 Fairpines. The victim’s residence was entered through an unlocked window and items were stolen.

DALEBROOK DR 3/29 Meadowbrook Manor. Unknown suspect/s entered the unlocked tool shed and removed miscellaneous items from inside.

RIVER TREE DR 3/29 Rivermont Apartments. Unknown suspect/s entered a vacant apartment and removed a microwave mounted on the kitchen wall. No signs of forced entry were found.

S BEULAH RD 3/29 Kids Korner Learning Center. Unknown suspect/s entered the building via an unlocked bathroom window. Nothing was disturbed or missing from inside the building.

TANDEM DR 3/29 Old Coach Hills. Sometime over the weekend, an unknown suspect attempted to break into a residence by breaking out one of the rear storm windows.

CHALKLEY RD 3/29 Cornerstone Church of God. Property was removed from the victim’s unlocked vehicle while in the parking lot.

FOX HUNT TL 3/29 McCormick Woods. During a domestic argument, the suspect brandished a firearm at the victim, destroyed items inside the residence and took the victim’s property.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 3/29 The suspect and acquaintances followed the victim’s girlfriend home and began a confrontation with the victim. At one point, the suspect pulled out a small chrome revolver and pointed it at the victim.

HUDSWELL LN 3/30 Falling Creek Hills. Unknown suspect/s entered the locked rear garage and stole miscellaneous property. The suspect/s pried the side door on the garage open to gain entry.

RIVER RD 3/30 An unknown suspect kicked in the front door and stole miscellaneous property from inside. The house is currently under renovation.

PARADISE COVE RD 3/30 Kingsland Heights. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to a storage trailer on the lot and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

LIGHT ST 3/30 Suspect/s kicked in the garage door of the residence.

TINSTREE DR 3/30 Tinsberry Trace. Suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked maroon 1997 Ford Expedition and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

MEADOWDALE BL 3/30 Meadowdale Library. The victim was assaulted and robbed by suspect No. 1, who then left the area with two other individuals.

STRATHMORE RD 4/01 Parkway Garden Apartments. The victim returned home to find a known suspect outside her residence. She then observed her previously deadbolted front door unlocked and items inside the residence rummaged through. When she confronted the suspect, he admitted to entering the residence and going through her belongings. Entry was gained through a bedroom window.

E DENNY CT 3/31 Fairpines. Victim advised he found a window on his attached rear storage shed broken and the plastic sheet over the window torn down. No entry had been gained.

S ESTHER CT 3/31 Prestwould Farms. Property was removed from the residence. There were no signs of forced entry.

LA PRADE ST 4/01 Entry to the victim’s residence was attempted at the rear sliding glass door.

COVE DR 3/31 Harbour East Village. Suspect/s cut the locks from two residential sheds. Nothing was taken from either shed.

DAWNSHIRE RD 3/31 Southworth Mechanical Corporation. The front gate to the fenced construction site had its chain cut. In the construction yard, a large metal storage container had its lock removed. Property was stolen from inside.

OLD BERMUDA 3/31 A trailer was stolen from the area.

TIMBERLINE DR 3/31 Tinsberry Trace. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s 1994 Honda and removed miscellaneous property from inside.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 3/31 The victim was filling out paperwork at her desk when she looked out the window and observed the suspect’s exposed genitalia.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/01 Victim said she was outside the store, installing promotional signs, when she heard the suspect. She then turned to see the suspect expose himself.

JOLLY LN 4/01 Gay Farms. The residence was entered through the rear door and property was stolen.

MARINA DR 4/01 Falling Creek Apartments. The victim’s apartment was entered and property was stolen inside. Entry was possibly through the front door.

HOPKINS RD 4/01 Falling Creek Elementary School. Suspect/s were able to gain access to the roof and attempted to gain access to the building by prying the skylights open. Once that failed, the suspect/s broke glass to an exterior door. Once the window was broken, the suspect/s could reach in and push the door. Nothing appeared to be stolen or damaged.

PUBLIC WORKD RD 4/02 Chesterfield County Utilities Department. Unknown suspect/s entered the complainant’s work vehicle and removed property from inside.

PAMS AVE 4/01 Super 8 Motel. Unknown suspect/s stole property from the complainant’s work truck.

W HARBOUR DR 4/01 Harbour East Village. Suspect/s used a key to gain entry to the victim’s vehicle and stole property from inside.


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