Judge Hauler honored for longevity

The Hon. T. J. Hauler, Circuit Court Judge for Chesterfield and Colonial Heights, last week, was recognized by his peers for longevity on the bench at the Judicial Conference of Virginia in Norfolk. The Hon. Cynthia D. Kinser, Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court, presented Judge Hauler with the “Length of Service Award”. The judicial conference is an annual event at which judges throughout the state meet to discuss recent developments in the law.

Judge Hauler was appointed to the General District Court for the 12th Judicial District of Virginia on May 21, 1986, and was later elevated to the Circuit Court on June 3, 1993.  During his twenty-five plus years of service, Judge Hauler has presided over the establishment of the Drug Court for Chesterfield and Colonial Heights which helps individuals charged with drug offenses break the cycle of addiction through intensive court supervised treatment.  To date, over 151 individuals have successfully completed the Drug Court program. “The citizens of Chesterfield are lucky to have a jurist like Judge Hauler serve our community for so long. Judge Hauler exhibits the calm and dignified demeanor that only comes with a wealth of experience,” stated David DeFazio, President of the Chesterfield County Bar Association.

An Ohio native, Judge Hauler relocated to Virginia after serving his country in the Vietnam War and being transferred to the Judge Advocate General Corps at Fort Lee.  After retiring from active duty in 1975, the University of Notre Dame alumnus joined the law firm of Elliott, Deboer and Hauler in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Judge Hauler continued serving his country in the Army Reserves before retiring in 1997 at the rank of Colonel.   

He and his wife Patricia have four children and eleven grandchildren. On weekends, Judge Hauler can be found at horse shows throughout the state serving as a groom in support of his granddaughters who are avid English riders.

Submitted by Elizabeth Riggs, written by John H. Taylor


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