Local Cub Scouts learn about conservation, Scout belt loops

On Saturday, April 28, the boys from Cub Scout Pack 2877 in Chester, along with their “Akelahs”, participated in a pack service project to count toward many of their belt loop and pin requirements, as well as their Pack Conservation Good Turn award.

They went to the James River National Wildlife Refuge, in Prince George and heard a lesson from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s Cyrus Brame, on the importance of conservation and on the bald eagle’s comeback.  They watched a video and learned about National Wildlife Refuge throughout the U.S. and got first hand views of many different species of frogs and toads and even a worm snake.  

After their lesson, they planted 50 black oak trees around the refuge, broke for a picnic lunch and ended their day with a nature hike.  The boys and their families learned a lot and came away with a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping out the land and wildlife.  In the words of several of the boys, “It was awesome, especially watching mom and dad have to dig holes to help plant the trees!”


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