Finding the patience

Sometimes my children really get on my nerves. It takes a lot for me to admit that because there is some tiny little voice inside my brain telling me that I am a terrible mother for even thinking it. However, it’s the truth and while I love them wholly, dearly and without hesitation, they can irritate the snot out of me.

When I say snot I mean it. Some mornings they irritate me to the point where I actually do cry, thus the mucus, and of course I have everything in my car that you might need but tissues. I have cereal bars, books, old juice boxes, extra shoes (not intentionally; they just happen to be left in there) but never do I have any tissues. Poor Lily has had her nose wiped with old receipts more times than I care to admit.

The mornings when we are pressed for time are the ones that can really pinch my nerves. This morning for example, I woke up late, which we all know is a recipe for disaster and it was. I get the children to come downstairs while I take my shower. Moments before they were happily running back and forth upstairs sounding like a herd of elephants, now mean Mommy has come and made them come downstairs to play nicely while she bathes (God forbid I should try and cleanse myself).  After I am dressed and realize we only have 32 minutes and five seconds until lift off, I start to scramble. Must nourish children, as I throw a tube of yogurt (I sure do love a gogurt on a hurried morning) at them and try to get them to at least eat some frozen pancakes (don’t worry, I do at least heat them up), then the arguing begins.

“I want a Pop-Tart, “shouts traitor number one. “I want my app juice, I want my app juice, where’s my pacy (pacifier) I don’t want to eat, “screams the other one.  My blood begins boiling.  I cannot be the mom who quietly says, “Well sweetheart let me get your juice, and honey let me get your Pop-Tart just hold on a minute.” I mean sometimes I am that mom, but this morning I was not. Sue me if you think I’m awful, but first of all, I did not want the boy to eat a Pop-Tart for breakfast but gave in so we could leave, at this point we had maybe 20 minutes until we had to go, and I still had to get the little one dressed. We absolutely do not get the precious flower dressed until all yogurt has been consumed.

After they had breakfast, sort of, teeth need to be brushed. While the little guy is brushing his teeth I get my sweet girl dressed. Well, sweet was not the word for her today. She was flinging her little panty-clad self all over my bed and would NOT get dressed. I had to pin her down, writhing limbs and all, and somehow managed to get shorts and a t-shirt on her. We then had to “do” her hair, which by the way is a curly, curly mop, so it must be done every day or she looks like a ragamuffin. They may get on my nerves, but at least they will do it looking decent.

After lunches were put in book bags and we were finally walking out the door I thought to myself, “Lord please give me patience because these children are really getting on my nerves this morning.”  Thankfully we all made it where we were going in one piece, even though Ms. Priss insisted on buckling herself in her car seat (past lift-off time, we were now officially late).  I do love these two, so, so much, irritations and all.


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