The end is near, are you ready?

The excitement in the air is palpable.  They can’t contain themselves for another minute, not to mention a week. The last week of school is finally here and we Lashley’s, have a countdown going on our newly chalkboard painted cabinets in the kitchen. The boy is about to go out of his mind with joy that he will be able to stay home for an entire summer. No daycare, no school, only his pesky little sister, the inflatable water park in our back yard and his all-time favorite babysitter. Life is good for the soon to be first grader.

I can hardly believe that we made it through the first year already. I was beyond anxious at the thought of him starting school. I held my breath the first day of kindergarten as I followed his school bus to the school and now it’s not even a thought in my mind. He was able to wear shoes all day long without complaint, made a ton of new friends and loves his teacher more than life (as do I). He has astonished me all year with his achievements and he is so proud now to be reading his entire favorite “chapter books”. I will just be glad when he masters the art of reading silently (not that I don’t love to hear his sweet voice).

I am so proud of him, and can’t quite believe that he will be in first grade.  I am also proud of myself for making it through without being “that parent”. A role I could have easily given into. But I tried to let go a little bit and watching him flourish makes my heart sing. As the week progresses and we have party after party and send off after send off, I can’t help but be slightly annoyed at how other parents act at these special programs.

Picture the entire kindergarten all set up on their little risers ready to sing their hearts out, beyond adorable. Well now picture about 25 parents standing up taking pictures and video, and never sitting down. Come on folks, we all want that perfect snapshot but you have to sit down and let everyone else see. It was so annoying and I was getting really irritated at all of these people who are not thinking of the others sitting properly behind them. Get your picture and sit down people. Thankfully the principal stepped in and asked everyone nicely to take a seat. I am proud to say everyone did, or else I would have had a blown blood vessel.

With the end of the year here, the children are ready to relax for the summer and so am I. The thought of all the school activities exhausts me. But I will say, the summer will probably go by in a flash, and then I will have a big grown up first grader.


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