Summer brings out my inner ‘suburban mom’

The heat has arrived and with it the glorious smell of sunscreen and charcoal grills. The sounds of children squealing with delight as they run through the sprinkler or play in their pools with ice cream dripping down arms and watermelon juice covering little chins; it’s the stuff summer is made of.   Halcyon days filled with the scent of honeysuckle and that wonderful feeling of pure contentment spreading through your body. There really is nothing like summertime.

I, for one, typically only like summer up until right about now, the end of June.  The humidity starts to really get to me not to mention my hair. I might as well just let the flat iron have a break for the summer; it’s completely pointless by the time July rolls around.  I also feel like I have started dressing like the suburban mom that I am. Gone are the days of short shorts, surfer t-shirts, flowing hippie skirts and peasant blouses (and that was when I dressed up).  Now you will consistently find me in a mother’s staple around here, Capri pants.  Not only are they cool like shorts, you don’t have to show a lot of leg, just the ankles (less shaving). If this were the Old South, we would be causing heart palpitations all over Chester with as much ankle showing around here in the summer.

When I do manage to wear my only pair of shorts that don’t have paint and bleach stains on them (or an elastic waist) I feel very exposed. Now, I have to say my legs are in pretty good shape and look even better when tan. A friend’s mother always used to say “tan fat looks better than white fat.”  When wearing these lovely coral shorts I always have the husband check the backs of my legs for any ripples or wrinkles that shouldn’t be there. So far, so good, my only complaint so far is some of my broken veins courtesy of the two offspring.

That’s enough about these 30-year-old legs. Let’s get back to why I am done with summer before it really even begins, the heat. I am not into extremes; I like fall and spring, despise winter and moderately tolerate summer. Ice cream helps with the heat problem.  I just hate when it gets so hot that I cannot take the children out to play. There is nothing worse than being stuck indoors on a beautiful sunny day.  I have invested quite a bit in craft supplies and we are religious about going to the library once a week.  So we have some options, but I really would just prefer for it not to get so hot.

Now that school is out, popsicles are in the freezer and the heat is rising, it sure does feel like summer is in full swing. You will find me sweating it out by the inflatable pool working on my tan with a good book. The only good thing about the sweat is, I hope, I’m shedding some pounds while doing nothing. So if you see me out and about, give me a wave from your air-conditioned car. I will be the miserable looking mother of two in Capri pants.


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