The Steel Horse

Driving West into Chester or heading into Enon on Rt. 10 you may have noticed there’s a new joint inhabiting the old Japanese steakhouse that was empty for at least a year and curiosity has got locals talking. With the name “Steel Horse,” which is a common nickname for a motorcycle, people are wondering what it is and more importantly is what’s going on in there something they’re going to like?

Owner’s Bobby Burnham, Ron Harvey, Mike Haynes, and Vickie Mile all met riding, and developed not just a long lasting friendship, but a grand idea to create a restaurant bar the Chester has never experienced: Steel Horse Bar and Grille. The restaurant opened this past May and is definitely accomplishing their original mission.

Although the name may suggest, this is not your typical “biker bar.” The establishment is however biker friendly, and now on Tuesday nights there is a designated bike night in partnership with Commonwealth Motor Sports of Prince George.

The Steel Horse partners decided on the impeccable menu by incorporating a collection of their favorite dishes they’ve discovered during their travels up and down the east coast.

“Hands down we’ve got the best crab cake in town,” says Burnham of the Maryland style crab cake dinner. His favorites also include the Greek panini and one of their more popular menu items, the baby back ribs.

Located just off the 95 S Chester/Hopewell exit, this team of restaurateurs doesn’t think they could have picked a better location. “Chester doesn’t have anything like our restaurant on this side of the river—a fun place for great food, a variety of good entertainment, and an outdoor patio,” says Burnham. The patio is the place to be on Thursday and Saturday nights when Steel Horse hosts live entertainment. It’s gotten so popular they’ve doubled the size of their patio since opening to seat over 60 guests.

Before Steel Horse moved in, you may recognize the building as the previous home to Mai Ling and Koto Japanese Steakhouse. If you ever had the chance to dine there in the past, it is worth the trip to at least see what the new owners have done with the restoration and remodeling. The once pastel pink and green, carpeted interior has been replaced with beautiful woods, stamped concrete,  interesting photos of horses and motorcycle memorabilia, and equipped with 4 large flat screen TVs. It makes the perfect atmosphere for a date, catching the game, or simply a family dinner.

Service at Steel Horse is friendly, where you’ll be greeted with a welcoming smile and a room full of happy patrons enjoying spirits and each other’s company. The servers take pride in their work, as they are all like family, and are eager to learn how you enjoyed your meal and to make suggestions of what to try next time. The non-smoking interior is a delight for the non-smoker, but smokers don’t fret because there’s plenty of room on that patio to light up!  

These entrepreneurs are living the dream, and when their not at the Steel Horse, Burnham is running his Heating and A.C business, Harvey is operating cranes all over the country, Miles is with the IRS, and Haynes recently retired after 23 years of military service. They are quite the eclectic quartet that has created rather the original dining experience and entertaining atmosphere. So step out from your normal routine and check out what’s happening over at Steel Horse Bar and Grille, you won’t be disappointed, in fact you may even discover something you like.


One Time Only

The one and only time I went to Steel Horse, we sat outside on the patio. Within ten minutes of our arrival, a fistfight began between two young tattooed girls. It lasted a few minutes before someone decided to finally stop it. I think I'd rather choose a place with a little classier clientele.

Steel Horse Sunday Brunch

If you haven't been to the Steel Horse for Sunday brunch, you are missing something great!! Best in town!!!

Steel Horse is great place to

Steel Horse is great place to hang out! We just moved to the area and happen to live close to it, although I would go anyway. Every time we have been there we have had a GREAT time. The place is clean, staff is very friendly and they have great singers (at least on Friday nights).

I am not a "bar" person but I enjoy going to the Steel Horse.

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