Trying to beat the summer heat

The heat is trying to kill me. Not only is it almost impossible to take a breath without feeling like you are trying to breathe underwater, but it’s too hot for the children to even be able to play outside. I don’t know which one will do me in first, the humidity or the kiddos being marooned inside the house for days at a time.

We have tried everything to beat the heat. First I tried to ignore it; we still went about our daily errands and tried to relax in our little inflatable pool and have fun on the slip n’ slide. But it soon became apparent that I would not be able to ignore 100-plus degrees. My car already has a struggling air conditioner on a good day and our van has no air conditioner. That’s right, windows down and sweat pouring. My poor husband gets to drive this to and from downtown Richmond daily.  

Second thing I tried to do was limit outside time to early morning, when the grass is still steaming from the morning dew. That resulted in sweaty mini-me’s after five minutes and a litany of complaints from the same little people I was trying to placate by taking them into the gates of hell in the first place. A lot of credit I get for trying to let them get their fresh air intake for the day (who am I kidding, I just wanted to wear them out as soon as possible). The pool became our only source of outdoor entertainment, but after an hour of Mommy roasting in the sun, sweat dripping (but hey at least I might be loosing some water weight while being tortured) I would beg to go inside. No room for parents in our little pool, I am always left to suffer in silence while they frolic in the shade and cool water from the hose.

Now we get to how I am currently “beating the heat,” as if you could beat the heat; it sucks the life out of everyone and everything. I am trying not to complain, seeing as it is summer and it’s supposed to be hot. So while I am not complaining, I have decided that we will hibernate. That’s right, we are hunkering down in our air-conditioned home with a myriad of activities to keep us sane, at least on the weekends when Daddy is at home, too. Man to man defense always works best you know.  We have drawn the curtains, covering our giant picture window, no sunshine getting in and heating up my living room.  I have purchased an endless amount of watermelon and cantaloupe for the kiddos to munch on and we are eating our weight in cucumbers. BLT’s on fresh baked bread and cold sweet tea are on the menu for dinner, there is no way I am turning an oven on in this heat.

We have refreshing food, an endless supply of library books and my favorite “Intermezzo” channel on Sirius radio. We have craft time at the table; all parties must be present, play dough time and will watch a movie in there somewhere. I looked around this afternoon (Saturday) and as Billie Holiday sang us into a drowsy reverie, I looked around and all four of us were reading. It was like a dream come true. The boy and I were stretched out on the couch and the precious flower and her father were lounging in chairs, the boys with comic books and the girls with our favorite novels.  It was quite something and I thought then and there, who needs the outside world with all of its noise and glaring indecency. I just need my three favorite people, good music and good books. I do so love hibernating.


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