Back at Studentz Camp

Yes, Studentz is the right spelling. Every year, I have gotten to spend a week at Liberty University, serving as camp medic for the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia Studentz Camp. I describe camp medical as a hub, similar to the Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport. You might land in medical and end your journey there, or we can help get folks headed in the right direction, depending on their need. Though we have had a few illnesses and injuries, camp has been exceptionally quiet this week, and yes, that is a good thing.

Serving as the medic for this camp is just one way that each of us can use our God-given talents to His glory. When was the last time that you looked at what you do as a means of ministry, more than simply an income? Paying the bills is important, but serving others is too. My goal is to encourage others to think beyond themselves and seek ways to serve with more than just your money, and since that is tight, why not offer your time and your talents.

I have been retired from the fire service since November 2010, and by the way, I really liked my job and loved the people that I worked with. For those of you that I worked with, I shared some of our stories, while in Africa. They enjoyed hearing them all just as much as I enjoyed living them. This life is truly a journey, and I could not imagine it apart from Christ.

This summer has been a blur. I returned from my third trip to South Africa in twelve months on June 9. I will get home from this camp on Friday, just in time to welcome a mission team in from Haysi Virginia on Saturday. Can you believe it? We have a mission team that is coming to Chester to serve alongside of our church. How many of you from Chester would ever think of it as a place where mission teams would want or need to come? In all honesty, this is Grace Fellowship’s first mission project outside of Haysi. We have been there to work with them, and now they are coming to work with us.

Just in case you think that I might be bored in retirement, I have a cat scan coming to check a nodule in a lung that showed itself in a calcium-scoring test. The pulmonologist stated that if it grows, it goes. In the meantime, I have enjoyed helping our son build his first house. Our summer is full of everything except a trip to the beach.

The greatest way to enjoy your summer is to serve someone else. I encourage you to seek out ways for your family to help others. I remember a firefighter that got asked by his son, “Dad what do you do to help people?” At that time, he was making six figures in the corporate world, and left it to be a firefighter/paramedic. The world might call him crazy, but what an example he set for his son. And then there was the pilot and the nurse, who left it all to become missionaries with their two, soon to be three, young children.

There are two years on every tombstone; the year we were born and the year we die. The part that many miss is the dash in between. I pray that my dash and yours will have eternal significance.    


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