Sometime they don't want to get it

Steve Martin echoing the GOP stategy sent out a press release yesterday, July 24, in response to President Obama's speech in which the President said that business entrepeneurs did not build their business by themselves. And I agree. First I argue that my business could not operate or been successful without the help of the roads we use (that the government built) to have our paper shipped to us and delivered to our newstands on government built roads, mailed by the U.S. Postal Sevice, posted here on the internet without the government opening up the internet, submitted press releases from goverment entities,water and sewer,small business loans backed by the government, legal notices and other infrastruture.

That's just a hyper small business like mine. Imagine larger and ubber large business who have used and use all kinds of goverment help to start their business. Just think about the Enterprize Zones in Chesterfield wihich offer a plethora of help to new business and that is facilitated by, guess who? The big bad government. It's only common sense to realize that without a leg up from government infrastuction many or most businesses could never have been started.  

Since we're firmly planted on this side of the fence have a look:

Now Steve Martin who announced he is running for Virginia's Lt. Governor and his reponse:

We Built It, Not the Government


Without the success of business, whether a sole proprietor or corporation, government has no resources with which to obtain or accomplish anything. Someone has to produce something before government can take it for its use (Not that government should take it). 

It is the hard work of entrepreneurs and their families that build this nation's economy and help make us strong. As a small business owner and a State Senator with a 100% Rating from the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business), NASE (National Association of Self Employed) and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce I understand this. The fact that President Obama does not understand this economic reality is quite telling. 

The individual sacrifice and sweat in an undying pursuit of the American dream have made this country great. That dream may be no more than a desire to meet your family's basic needs but it is still the product of individual pursuit, not governments'. 

President Obama demonstrated his disagreement with us on this point while in Roanoke, when he said, "If you’ve got a business -- you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen." 

The President apparently believes that success is not the product of the American peoples' labor, but of government involvement. The Obamacare Tax along with the ban on offshore drilling in Virginia, $825 billion stimulus package, ever increasing government intrusion and spending, expansion of the debt, and speeches like he gave in Roanoke show the need for real change in DC. 

It's time for a President with a new perspective. We need a President who realizes that it is the individual and their labor and creativity, concerned for their family and community who makes this country great. It is their labor that provides government with anything and everything it has ever had.  Government can help provide peace or turmoil. It can redirect assets and redestribute income. but it cannot add to the nation's gross national product. It cannot produce in and of itself. 

When you go to the polls in November, please join me in voting for a new President that believes in the American people and their ingenuity. Vote Mitt Romney. 


Sen.Steve Martin