New dorms ready for VSU students this semester, no hotels needed

Virginia State University (VSU) is working on its newest dorm building to be ready for the arrival of new freshman to the school for the first semester this year.

According to Thomas Reed, university relations for VSU, the dormitory called “The Gateway II is ready and the Quad is scheduled to open as planned in October.

New students will not be housed in hotels as they were last year because the dorm had yet to be finished.

While VSU will have a dorm room for all freshman registered students, the school may have some difficulty housing walk-ins.

“We have adequate housing for all new students who met our deadlines,” wrote Reed in an email. “They have been housed. We will have challenges trying to handle unanticipated walk-ins.”

As the new dorm (Gateway Village Phase II) off of River Road is readied for occupancy, near the center of campus the beginnings of the Howard Quad.

“We will tear down Howard Hall in the spring,” wrote Reed. “Students will start the semester there and move to the new quad when it is ready in October.”

According to Reed no other construction is planned at this time.


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