Max has his little gripes

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  We all have gripes about things and there are some gripes that are not new but keep resurfacing and then there are new ones…right out of the clear blue sky.  As for the first one I have complained before about my dislike of the little plastic bags that are used today in grocery stores versus the old brown paper bags.  I used to bag groceries in a grocery store and I was good at it.  It takes some effort and skill to watch for the items that are coming down the conveyor belt, picking out which items will go together to make a solid packed bag that will stand upright without breaking the eggs or crushing the bread.   Today we have those dingy little bags that cannot set upright if you paid them too.  Anyway, the other day I bought some groceries and I got the hankering for some ice cream.  I bought four of the small six-ounce containers and headed home.  When I unpacked the groceries I noticed I was one container short, but figured they did not put it in the bag.  I would just be out one serving of ice cream...heaven knows I really did not need it.  Anyway, a week later I am driving in my car and happened to look down in between the seats and saw something laying there.  I pulled it out and it was the missing ice cream container.  It had rolled out of the bag and under the seats.  Thankfully the cap was on tight enough to keep the ice cream from decorating the floor of my car.  That is the repeat gripe violator.  Now for the new one.   I had a store, that for some reason decided to send my bill to my home address versus to my post office box number  [I do not have a mail box at my house].  They finally called me but not until after they mailed the bill to the same address twice, as if sending it a second time would make a difference.  It did not.  After working through that issue, they got the bill to my mail box and since it was late..their fault …I thought I would just pay it by phone and get this settled faster than slow mail  So I punch my way through this option…” press four for this and two for that”…then I had to shout…”pay bill”..several times…and finally got to the right place to pay by phone.  Now the new gripe steps in.  They want  to save money by making the caller do all the work and try every trick in the book to keep you from talking to a real person…with our without a heavy accent.  So the mechanical voice tells me that if I want to pay by check they will have to charge me $14.95 for an $87 transaction.  Charge me for doing all the work?  You have to be kidding me!  I do not know if all  companies take this stance [they probably do],  but I do know this one does , and because of that they are going to get my check via slow mail.  I am sure the wait for their money, the extra handling of the mail, cashing the check, etc. is going to cost them a lot more than if they had just took my money over the phone.  Crazy thinking, and now on my list of gripes.  They want you to avoid using a real person, but your reward for doing most of the work is to pay them more money.  Not if I can help it. the gripes off my chest.  As always be good, play safe and remember there is nothing like the personal touch when it involves a real person.  

JR and Max


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