Police Blotter: April 14, 2010

ORIOLE AVE 3/29 Grindall Creek Park. Unknown suspect/s entered the residence through a rear door. Multiple items were taken from behind the residence.

MARINA DR 4/03 Falling Creek Apartments. Property was stolen from the victim’s apartment. The apartment was entered through the victim’s unlocked rear sliding glass door.

JEAN MACHENBERG 4/03 Gateway Farms. A known suspect forced entry to the residence in an attempt to find his girlfriend. The suspect assaulted the victim as she was trying to call police.

THIRD AVE 3/29 Unknown suspect/s kicked in the interior apartment door to gain entry and removed items from inside. No signs of forced entry were found to the exterior doors of the building.

DALEBROOK DR 4/05 The residence was entered by unknown means; no signs of force were found. Property was stolen.

SHAUN CT 4/04 Kingsland Acres. The victim answered a knock at the door, at which time the suspect forced the door open and assaulted the victim. The suspect fled the scene a short time later.

MARINA DR 4/03 Falling Creek Apartments. The victim returned home to find her front door ajar and items missing from inside. No signs of forced entry were found.

CATTAIL RD 4/02 The residence, which is currently under renovation, was entered through a side door, which may have been left unsecured. Items were stolen from inside.

N ENON CHURCH RD 4/02 Reynolds Metals Co. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to five connex boxes and a trailer at the site. Locks were cut from all six locations and property stolen from some, but not all of them.

RIVER TERRACE RD 4/03 River Road Terrace Apartments. Property was stolen from the victim’s 2008 Mitsubishi Galant. It was unknown whether it was locked or not.

CAPTAIN DR 4/02 Harbour East Village. Property was removed from the bed of the victim’s truck.

HOPKINS RD 4/04 Miscellaneous property was stolen from the victim’s Nissan 240SX.

COURT ST 4/04 Ettrick. The victim’s 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was stolen from the residence.

BUTLER LN 4/03 Holly Acres. Property was stolen from a residential yard.

MARINA DR 4/03 Falling Creek Apartments. One female victim was returning to her apartment when an unknown suspect approached her from behind and forced her inside the apartment door at gunpoint. Once inside, the victim was forced to the floor while the suspect searched the apartment for valuables. The suspect then fled the apartment and entered another nearby apartment where a male and female victim were robbed of their valuables at gunpoint. The suspect then fled the area on foot.

WHETSTONE RD 4/05 Meadowbrook Apartments. The residence was forcibly entered through a rear door. The interior was rummaged through and property was stolen.

STORNOWAY DR 4/05 Meadowbrook. Unknown suspect/s entered the victim’s unlocked garage over an extended period of time and removed property from inside.

MANGOWOOD DR 4/05 Bermuda Run Apartments. An unknown suspect used a fire extinguisher to enter the laundry room door. Damage was found to the door handle and the glass in the door.

W HUNDRED RD 4/05 Complainant discovered a pane of glass missing from a kitchen window where unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the residence. Nothing was disturbed or missing inside.

WARE BOTTOM 4/05 Windows and More. Unknown suspect/s cut the lock and stole a portable air compressor from outside of the listed business.

QUIET PINE CR 4/05 River Forest Apartments. Suspect/s broke out the passenger rear door window of the victim’s Ford Focus in order to enter the locked interior and removed property.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/05 Unknown suspect broke the rear sliding glass of the victim’s 1997 Toyota pickup truck, then removed property from inside.

COURTHOUSE RD 4/05 Victim’s vehicle found missing from the listed location where it had been left after it had broken down.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/05 U-Haul Center. Unknown suspect/s stole a box truck from the business. The complainant also discovered another truck running in the parking lot with a damaged ignition.

LAUREL RD 4/04 An ATV was stolen from the victim’s residence.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/05 Davis Auto Sales. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to two pickup trucks on the lot. One of the trucks had damage to the steering column, where suspect/s attempted to start the vehicle.

DREWRY’S BLUFF RD 4/07 Bensley Community Center. Responding to an alarm call, officers found damage to the handle on the phone room door.

W HUNDRED RD 4/06 Suspects were seen attempting to remove some scrap metal from the location.

TAW ST 4/06 Market Square Elderly Apartments. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s locked 2007 Nissan Sentra.

S BEULAH RD 4/06 Grammer Apartments. Miscellaneous property was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle. No signs or forced entry were noted.

W HUNDRED RD 4/06 The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

HICKORY RD 4/06 Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal the victim’s black Polaris Ranger.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/06 Suspects approached the victim and his friends behind the Laundromat. One suspect displayed a handgun and demanded money. As the victim’s friends ran off, the victim handed over his wallet. The suspect then struck the victim in the face and ran off with his accomplices.

BURNT OAK DR 4/06 Ivywalk Apartments. The victim had just arrived home from work and was nearing the stairwell when the suspects approached. Knocking him to the ground, the suspects attempted to take the victim’s wallet. The victim fought back and the suspects ran off.

DUNNOTTAR TR 4/05 Highlands. Copper piping and wiring were removed from the crawlspace of a vacant house.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 4/08 Bermuda Estates Trailer Park. The victim said someone reached through his open bedroom window and took his wallet.

SILVERTREE LN 4/08 Tinsberry Trace. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s 2003 Chevrolet Malibu, which was parked in her driveway.

KILT DR 4/09 Ivystone at Southbend. The victim reported property stolen from her 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer. No signs of forced entry were noted.

JEFFERSON DAVID HWY 4/05 Select Cars. A maroon 1971 Plymouth Duster was reported stolen from the dealership’s lot. No signs of forced entry were noted.


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