Political exagerations and misrepresentations

Political Exagerations and Misrepresentations

On one of the political roundtable discussions on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2012, Cong. Paul Ryan and economist Paul Krugman squared off on what Ryan said was expanding employment in the Federal government since President Obama came into office. Ryan said it was a huge expansion and Krugman said nothing could be further from the truth. Below is a chart of the official. - Congressman Paul Ryan and Paul Krugman live in different worlds when it comes to understanding the statistics of the economy and goverment. Krugman is a Nobel Prize winning economist and Ryan is an elected official.

Government Employment

During today’s [Sept. 9] round table on ABC, Rand Paul seemed shocked at my claim that government employment is down under Obama. Of course, it is. But maybe he’s thinking of the fact that since govt employment rose under Bush, we’re still at higher absolute levels than we were a decade ago.

That is, however, a strange comparison: other things equal, you’d expect government employment to grow with population (remember, the typical government employee is a schoolteacher). And here’s what has happened to government employment per capita [according to this graph by 

Federal Reserve Economic Data  FRED]


I know Republicans know, just know, that government has surged under Obama. But it ain’t so.

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