What does it mean?

I have been writing for this paper from its first issue in 1998 until today. I was serving as the lieutenant on Engine 1-C shift in Chester, when it all began. The title at the beginning was “News from Fire Station No.1.” My goal was to write articles about the things that we were seeing, hoping that it would lend to a safer community. In 2004, I was transferred to the Fire & Life Safety Division as the Community Programs Coordinator and Public Information Officer. It was now my responsibility to oversee fire safety education at the county level. It was at this time that the article was renamed “Fire & Life Safety.” My goal was still to educate the public, but after attending classes at the national level, I began to draw from information nationally.

In 2005, I became the bi-vocational pastor of Bermuda Baptist Church, in other words, I was the pastor of a church, while continuing to work for the fire department. My role as pastor began to take me places and show me things that led me to write about things from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. The title remained Fire & Life Safety, but my writing focused on a broader scope of safety in living. Somewhere between 2006-2008, the title changed to “Living Safe.”

I have lived in Chester all my life. I have watched this place change, and then change again. I grew up when Jefferson Davis Highway was safer to cross, and Route10 was a curvy, two-lane road. Today’s picture is that you take your life in your own hands to cross Jeff Davis Highway, and Route 10 is predominantly five lanes. Subdivisions, schools, apartment complexes and businesses have been constructed everywhere. Changes have not only occurred topographically, but a change of mindset has occurred as well. We now live in a post-modern world, with post-modern thinking. Moral relativism and situational ethics have become the norm. Moral relativism says that what is right for you might not be right for me, but you do your thing and I’ll do mine. Situational ethics says that the situation dictates right and wrong, versus the fact that absolute truth exists.

I have been blessed to travel to three other continents and actually walk the streets of five different countries. We are blessed to live in America. Many of us possess more right now than many abroad will possess in a lifetime. We have good healthcare, and an overall stability that would be cherished in other places. I have seen the effects of HIV/AIDS on people in other places. I think that we take far too many things for granted in this country.

My intent for this article has been to enlighten you on the perspective from which I now write. I will continue to tell you that the best way to protect your family from fire is to prevent one at all costs, but just in case, install smoke alarms and a residential sprinkler system. I will write about things that happen in other parts of the country that may possibly keep you safer. I will also write about things in our society that clash with the truth of God’s word. I will occasionally republish, with permission, articles that I believe will benefit the masses, which is what occurred on a previous article that I got slammed for. My desire is to write things that will stir you to action so that you and your family will live safe, God honoring lives.    


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