New Noise Rules

Chesterfield’s Board of Supervisors voted last week to enact a new noise ordinance. The Virginia Supreme Court had ruled that Chesterfield’s previous ordinance, much like that of Virginia Beach, was too general and invalidated the county’s noise law. The police department has not enforced the noise ordinance since the spring.

The new ordinance fixed the problems with the old ordinance and added a few new items, including rules on noise from parties, eliminating restrictions on noises from farm animals, and setting a fine starting at $100 with a maximum of $500.

The county’s new noise ordinance restricts noise in residential areas due to lawn maintenance from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.; trash and recycling pickup is restricted between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.; and music from vehicles should not be heard more than 50 feet away.

Noise from pets or other animals should not be heard inside another person’s home or from 50 feet away for 10 consecutive minutes. The rule for music or television noise is similar; it must not be heard in another person’s home or from 50 feet from the device between midnight and 7 a.m.

Ten or more people gathered at one home between midnight and 7 a.m. must not make enough noise to be heard 50 away or in another person’s home. | 751-0421



move out

Noise Ordinances

This new ordinance restriction really has not only my family fed up but my landlords who have been living in the same place on the same driveway, which by the way, has 2 houses on it for 30+ years. We have this church next door to us, at the beginning of our several HUNDRED foot driveway and we are at the very END of the driveway, mind you, and the noise ordinance restriction does not touch them AT ALL! The police have been called multiple time in the past and both families had to "give up" because churches are not touched at all by this. Not only does the church hold lock-ins outside and the kids/teenagers and adulta feel as though they can walk down our driveway when there is a no trespassing sign posted, but ever since the church acquired new owners the music and bass literally SHAKES my home. My dog in return gets worked up because glass objects are shaking in my house, my daughter gets scared and can't sleep at night, I already suffer from migraines and the days I don't have them I obtain them from all of this. The pastor has been spoken to and even was invited over to hear the sound and how loud it was but stated it wasn't his congregation, it was the other pastor's but he would speak to him, then preceded to say the bothersome noise wasn't that loud. They have down lawn care before 7am, and tonight I just had to walk my ENTIRE driveway which is almost a 5-10 minute walk at 10:45pmto ask whoever was in charge to turn the cconstruction machinery off because my family can't sleep and my daughter is upset because of all the noise and on top of that trying to keep both my dogs that never bark to stop barking. This is NOT OK! Why should my family and my wonderful landlords have to suffer like this? We have other houses behind our property and I have no idea if they can hear the noise, but my one question is whatever happened to one of the ten commandments that state respect thy neighbor? If they are Christian and believe in Jesus and God as I do, why won't they respect us when we not only spoke to them first then had to result into calling the police which by the way never came out? This truly is unfair to me, my family, my landlords and my surrounding neighbors. We (my landlords and my family) have absolutely no issue during the day but when it the unnecessary noise starts before 7am and after 9 even up to 11pm this really is not justified for us tax payers who have to work twice as hard to pay the rising costs of this counth. For others reading this and say I shouldn't live in a neighborhood, I don't I live on a main road set back in the woods, so please do not say anything regarding that, thank you.

Chesterfield Police Department

I've called the police department on several occasions and the dispatcher always does nothing and always gives excuses for the issues so I stopped calling. Last year there were hunters actually shooting down a public road which is very dangerous and all she told me was sir they're hunting and this is hunting season so it's okay. Then I've called several times about loud parties all night at neighbors houses and still nothing done. Chesterfield Police Department has fallen apart and they need to remember they work for us and need to uphold the laws and ordinances that they were appointed too!

Noise - Chesterfield County, VA

People in our subdivision have moved in as renters and have no respect for the elderly. They continue to have noise that sounds like base and drums - not only do we have to listen to this during the day it continues on from the 12:01 AM and on past the 7:00 AM noise ord. WE PLEAD FOR SLEEP AND OUR PEACE AND MOST OF ALL, A STOP TO THIS PROBLEM!


I am saddened that I had new folks move in next door 5 years ago. Now the oldest of three can drive, he plays annoying bass in his car in the driveway. He also has attracted friends that curse, even yelling at the boys parents. I called the police when we were trying to have a cook out and the kids were cussing and playing the music. The next day my mailbox was destroyed. I told the CCPD of this and they said if I had no proof, no case. I wish their driveway did not parallel mine along the fence separating our properties. Looks like the police complaints aren't enough.

noise is too much in Chesterfield

having to hear the redneck next door being a jackass any time they want and having the 'law' protect him makes me very angry. My children have to hear the muflerless toys and the loud music until midnight? Chesterfield county needs to step up to the plate on this one.


It's not fair that we have to pay these high taxes in Chester and have to listen to a neighbor that has no respect and plays there base so loud u can hear it over your tv, this is not fair!!

Re: Noise Ordinances

I don't mean to be confrontational, but I believe that the moment we begin to put limitations on healthy clean fun is the moment we will force our youth to look for other activities which have the potential to be devious in nature. I understand that the noise from four basketballs can be quite loud when they are smashing a portable goal outside your house but one must also consider the area in which he or she lives has an impact on the reasonable amount of noise to be encountered. For example, I understand that because I live in a neighborhood with lots of children, I should expect a regular amount of noise from their playing outside. Even though I work nights and would prefer silence during the day, I chose to live here and accepted the "consequences".

Noise Ordinances

Isn't there a 24-hour nuisance noise ordinance in Chesterfield County? We have a family of 5 (4 boys) living next door who are home-schooled by their Mother. It seems that everytime that these boys get bored with homeschool, or perhaps, on recess or break, they decide to come outside and bang basketballs (sometimes 4 at a time) on a portable basketball goal. The boys' ages vary from 6 to 14. This occurs 2, 3, 4, or more times a day, and even at night around 7 pm and as late as 11:00 pm. Since the County Ordinance covers timesframes from 10 pm to 7 am for loud noise from lawn maintence, and 12 midnight to 7 am regarding loud music, why is there no protection for residents for any loud noise that can be heard from inside the home that disturbs that resident's peace at any time? A nuisance noise can be a real problem in high volume neighborhoods, especially when residents run a homeschool in their homes.

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