Local man is diligent, watch horizon for high-speed rail

Michale Maxey has been watching the progress of the high-speed rail initiative since it became a hot item in eastern Chesterfield about two years ago. Although funding for high-speed rail had taken some hits by Congress, Maxey has been diligent, continuing the fight against the project.

Maxey has an anti-high-speed rail sign post in his yard on Old Centralia. His concern is more impassioned because the extended bridge that would cross the new-rail track would also cross Chester Road and then sort of swing into one leaf of an interstate cloverleaf that would go right through his house and accompanying property.

An article recently caught his attention on a website. The article dated Sept. 19 at transportationnation.org was headlined, “U.S. DOT gives $74 million to Virginia for 11-mile high-speed rail construction.” While the article stated that the $74 million would be dedicated to a third rail between Stafford and Prince William counties, the piece also included a statement about the future of the project, which “will have at least eight high-speed rail trains traveling 110 mph between Charlotte N.C. and Washington D.C.

Maxey remains steadfast and remains ready to back up his conviction to save his home and property.


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