September 30, 2014
September 16, 2014
September 16, 2014
September 16, 2014

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June 16, 2014

Police are investigating an apparent domestic-related murder-suicide that occurred on Fox Maple Terrace June 15. Just after 10 p.m. on Sunday, June 15, police were dispatched to a residence in the 5700 block of Fox Maple Terrace to check the welfare of a subject. Upon arrival, police heard multiple gunshots. Police soon found bystanders attempting to aid Renotta I. Jernigan, 30, and her 2-year-old son, Seth Jernigan, who had both been shot.

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Please do not read this; it’s bad for your rheumatis’

“This column, written by Mark Fausz, It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” a booming voice over said while a happy couple reads the Village News.


From the outside in

Here lately, it seems like a lot of fires have started on the outside of homes and traveled to the inside. Whether it is a cigarette thrown into a mulch bed, a faulty electrical outlet or a grill on a deck, outside fires seem to be on the rise.


Age is just a number

There is often a common theme in my articles and that is that age is just a number. I was thinking about the article for this month and, once again, how I was going to convey this message. I was thinking about what the indicators were that triggered someone to think someone is “old.”


Berry-bearing Shrub Brings Beauty To Summer Garden

A while back – perhaps a good while back – I noticed a shrub, fairly large in size, growing in an area adjacent to the building of our post office along with some other vegetation. And, every time I parked the car on a small street, which I still find as a convenient place to park to access the post office


Enterovirus D68

As children return to school each fall, there tends to be a significant rise in visits to the doctor for a wide variety of respiratory illness. The usual suspects are cold and flu viruses including rhinoviruses, adenoviruses and the influenza viruses.


Max forgets things

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. I know I am getting a tad older...which is better than the alternative...but I do get a bit frustrated that I am getting more forgetful as time goes by.


September song

For many Americans, September means two things – back-to-school and football.


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