Merlee’s Moods, an art exhibit opening this week at the Chester Library, will give the viewer insight on the Haida and Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest and their Native-style art. The original brush and India ink drawings of the complex spiritual and animal art is highly stylized and... Read more
Annually, CCHASM coordinates their Thanksgiving Gift Meal Package Program to assist those in our community who might otherwise not have the resources to celebrate this special holiday. This is their largest program of the year. With generous donations from schools, businesses, churches, individuals, and agencies, CCHASM was able to... Read more
CHESTER – An 18-wheeler parked in front of Trinity United Methodist Church had a fire-brigade line of folks unloading pumpkins from New Mexico last Thursday in preparation for the 17th year of the Trinity Pumpkin Patch. Sales of the pumpkins have begun and will be through Oct. 31. Trinity... Read more
By Danielle Ozbat People of different ages and sizes braved the heat Saturday morning and ventured out to Fall Field Day at Presquile National Wildlife Refuge. Visitors were able to tour the 1,329-acre island refuge, its native plants and animals, and the energy-efficient facilities of The James River Ecology... Read more
By Danielle Ozbat BizWorks celebrated its fifteenth year of supporting and mentoring small businesses at its first homecoming event last Thursday. The nonprofit small business incubator – businesses incubate for three years, with the option to stay longer – was created by the Jefferson Davis Association in 2001 and... Read more
Fall officially arrived last week, and so marks the beginning of many people’s favorite season. Fall is the best time for aerating and seeding cool season grass lawns and planting new trees and shrubs. It is also the time when many of us think about fall decorating, Halloween, and... Read more
By Josh Mathews Humans swim from conception. Babies are born knowing how to swim, but the skill is lost quickly after birth. It wasn’t lost that long in the case of Clark Beach and Ethan Beach. Swimming since age six has paid dividends for the Matoaca students and identical... Read more
by Danielle Ozbat Thirty-one Korean War veterans were honored at the “We Remember Our Korean War Vets” banquet last week. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Chester, the event was held at St. John’s Episcopal Church and had veterans from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. Four World... Read more
By Becky Robinette Wright The couple stood close together, the lady with a stylish black English dress and the gentleman with blue-colored colonist attire. The lady gave a last look around with a faraway look in her eyes. Perhaps she was dreaming of the new land she would see... Read more
There are a couple of new components in the mix for Matoaca girls’ volleyball this season, one a coach and the other a setter. The Warriors are betting that those two ingredients could be the missing ones to ensure better playoff success in 2016. Both coach Tiara Boyd and... Read more