Firefighters will be there, but there’s no fire. Police officers will be there but there’s no crime. What will be at the Boots vs. Badges charity softball game is compassion for a family that is suffering the loss of a loved one, and a little friendly rivalry between police... Read more
Founded in 1830, a route between Richmond and Petersburg was built by the Richmond & Petersburg Railroad. One stop on the railroad was in Chester. The little train depot was located at a rail crossing on Curtis Street. The crossing still exists as a modern crossing, but the station... Read more
BENSLEY, Va. – The beat of a Native American drum calling to dancers filled the air, and buckskinned clothed dancers along with a youth in silk regalia and shawl mesmerized the onlooking crowd with their dances Colonial style music and singers transported one in thought to another era in... Read more
CHESTERFIELD, Va. – On Saturday, May 21, the Chester library hosted “Get Your Wheels on the Road,” a bike workshop presented by the Rag & Bones Bicycle Cooperative of Richmond. A volunteer-run shop, located in Scott’s Addition, Rag & Bones offers workshops and public tools, sells affordable bikes, and... Read more
The courtship of two Barred Owls began in February on Winfree Street in Chester. After courtship feeding and mutual preening, the Barred Owls settled in a tree hollow of an aged oak tree on Gene and Lynn Alexander’s property at the corner of Winfree and West streets. The Alexanders,... Read more
Chesterfield County, like many local governments, has amazing volunteers, and the county greatly values their contributions. In fiscal 2015, approximately 4,000 volunteers dedicated 142,000 work hours valued at $3.5 million. Because of the tremendous work our volunteers do alongside county employees, Chesterfield is able to provide exceptional services and... Read more
  The jug was phony but the game was real. This weekly penny ante poker game in the kitchen at Wrexham. called Wrexham Hall, was located at Old Centralia and Iron Bridge roads, before Chesterfield Meadows was built and it was moved to Old Wrexham Road. Among these three... Read more
Dark clouds and drizzle did not damper the spirits of hundreds of seniors last week who braved the elements to attend Chesterfield’s Annual TRIAD Senior’s Day. Motorist Assistance Gilbert Lewis provided traffic control and answered questions at his post adjacent to the church driveway and parking lot, he is... Read more
As part of the Chester Community Association’s (CCA) efforts to recognize local businesses for exemplary upkeep of their property, Buckingham Court near the corner of West Hundred Road and Buckingham Street was recently honored with the Orchid Award. Dr. Joe Hillier cared for the property when he opened his... Read more
Nick Hackett is passionate about car racing, he has been navigating race cars since he was thirteen.Now, five years later, it continues to be his passion. Hackett is a young entrepreneur who is a skilled master when it comes to remote controlled race cars. “When I was seven,” Hackett... Read more