For those students holding onto the Dairy Queen storyline that summer is not over, enjoy the rest of your summer vacation to the fullest....

For those students holding onto the Dairy Queen storyline that summer is not over, enjoy the rest of your summer vacation to the fullest. There are many, though, that are excited to know that school starts three weeks from today. Wherever you fall, one extreme or the other or somewhere in between, the new school year resumes on Sept. 8, 2015. For students, it will be the opportunity to learn more than they know now. For parents, it may range from constant going and coming, packing lunches, helping with homework and whatever else that helps your child to succeed.

School will cause others to have to think differently, as they travel through school zones. Patience will be the first order of business. Whether you have children in school or not, you will have to give yourself more time to get from Point A to Point B. In Chester alone, there are three school buildings within ½ mile of each other. The high school meets at a different time than the elementary school, causing motorists to have to pay closer attention to school zone speeds, as well as the necessity of heeding the directions of the crossing guard at Curtis Elementary. On top of all that, Rt. 10 has undergone some improvements in the area of pedestrian and bicycle safety. All of this is yet to be seen, based upon the correct actions of everyone involved.

Some schools have crossing guards, while others do not. For those schools that have crossings, but no crossing guards, drivers have to be especially mindful of students possibly crossing and careful when proceeding through these areas. CC Wells Elementary is one of these areas. South Chester Road has become busier and busier, while Wells no longer is protected by a crossing guard. Parents and children alike have to be very careful while crossing South Chester. This is just one example of many that have unique situations, in and around a school. Motorists much exercise extreme caution, when nearing school zones. The pedestrian has the right-of-way!

The point of this article is to prepare you for what is right around the corner. Your lack of planning is not an excuse for poor driving, fast driving or even your becoming angry because a school crossing slows you even more. You have a responsibility, not only to the people in your vehicle, but to those outside of your vehicle. Let me add, parents that drive their children to school must follow the rules of the road on school property, as well as when leaving school property. People who attempt to take short cuts for their convenience usually endanger themselves and others in the process.

Keep in mind; buses are being outfitted with cameras for the purpose of catching those who break the law, by passing them illegally at bus stops. We have serious problems when the only way that we can hold people accountable is with cameras. Whatever happened to integrity and honesty? I go back to where I started, patience is paramount. As the new school year begins, be safe, drive defensively and protect the children and crossing guards.