To the Editor: This  project is essentially a large gas station with, typical, enhanced experiences (alcohol and lottery opportunities)  – picture a Sheets, or another Wawa like the one 1.5 miles away – and a retail strip center – maybe as nice looking as the one going up one... Read more
To the Editor: I am strongly opposed to the Courthouse Landing Project. My immediate concern is the the virtual planning meeting set for May 19. There will be no public comments at the meeting, so the county has set up Portal to leave comments online.  I’m concerned because the... Read more
I am reminded regularly that times have changed. I spent many years riding engines, ladder trucks, ambulances, and the TSO vehicle trying to find addresses on the first attempt. During my career, I spent quite a bit of time in Chester, and I knew Chester like the back of... Read more


Dogpound May 21, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound, where we have started to live free again. Well, not completely, but we have taken the first baby steps to get small business back on track; I even was able to get my hair cut today. I have... Read more
Last week was Arson Awareness Week. Arson is defined as “the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.” It is a problem not only for the fire service, but for a community. Fires caused by an arsonist could cause the death of a firefighter or a civilian. Until... Read more


Dogpound May 19, 2020

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Hope you are surviving this crazy world and speaking of crazy, in my world of the Dogpound it does not take the virus to make my life a little bit crazier. For example, I noticed that I was... Read more
To the Editor: As a longtime resident of Chesterfield County, where my three children attended school and my wife was a teacher and elementary principal, the choice to join Communities In Schools of Chesterfield’s (CIS-C) Board of Directors was a good fit. When I first joined the board, I... Read more
I have written to you many times about the absolute necessity of a practiced home escape plan. The plan is supposed to show two ways out of every room, a safe meeting place outside of the home, the ability of every person in the home to self-rescue (get themselves... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Unless things change very quickly in the next few days, Mother’s Day is going to be one for the history books. A day when we celebrate all that Mom has done for us, and we are forced to... Read more
I have to start this on April 6, 1996. I was on duty at Fire Station No. 2, and it was spitting snow that day. The phone ringing at a fire station was as normal as going to the store for meals. This day would change my life forever. The... Read more