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To the Editor:
I am grateful to the Village News  for the services it supplies to our community.   Each newspaper for some years now, has included the “Police Blotter”  You should pay attention to this and the numbers of crimes reported.  One “rape” incident or one vandal activity  is one too many.  We could reduce these numbers if we apply good common sense.  Why do you leave items in your car, and why do you not take that one minute to make sure your car is secured when exiting?  You only invite thieves and vandals.  Granted, some things are not in our control, but if you just looked out your windows and see if your neighbors and the surroundings are natural and peaceful as they were the day before or not, or if you see a car slowly moving through your neighborhood, that may be a sign you need to call the police.   They really have no problem with that.  They would rather you call than to return later for an incident.  I am always grateful to the patrol officer that makes a round through my neighborhood.  These young men and women of the police and sheriff deputies are trained to be vigilant and see things between the houses you don’t.  But , they could use your eyes and ears.  Our police cannot always be in our neighborhood but they are within calling distance.  They do not need to be “defunded” because some nitwit says they do.  And we don’t need new legislation that will tie their hand and keep them from helping you, the citizen.  They need to paid better but that will not stop them from coming to your aid.

From the various prints of the “Police Blotter,” the numbers appear to be increasing.  We should not ignore what this page is telling us.  The Village News paints a picture of a society that appears to accept criminal behavior.  We are better than that   We should watch out for criminal activity and certainly help our police, who are working many hours to protect you and me.  We need to secure our valuables in heavy locked safes and barring that, we should make sure the criminals can’t find them. You don’t have to interact with a criminal or a  vandal but what you see and hear will certainly help the police.

Call 748-1251 for non-emergencies, and dial 911 when it becomes too dangerous for you to handle.  Our Police Support Facility has a person dedicated to keeping you educated.  Call and that person will assess your home and advise you on what may be needed to help secure your valuables and your family.  Our police are precious assets, and the Village News is your rude awakening to the criminal activity surrounding you.  We can certainly  do our part to help them.  If you do have a neighborhood Watch, contact the Police Support Facility.  They are a great bunch of people who can help you in many ways.

George (Buddy) Cranford


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