Some genealogical research has given Daryle Hurt a little pride in his ancestors. He began digging into some records five years ago and found... Revolutionary revelation: Chester man finds connection to the past
Daryle Hurt, center, is pictured wih his grandson, Christopher Blaine Hurt, and son, Timothy Blaine Hurt.

Some genealogical research has given Daryle Hurt a little pride in his ancestors.

He began digging into some records five years ago and found out that he’s related to Edward Pedigo, a man who fought for the colonists in the Revolutionary War.

“I finally found a hero in my family,” Hurt said. Up until that time, he thought all of his ancestors were poor. “[Pedigo] owned a lot of property, owned slaves and was a fairly prosperous landowner in Kentucky,” Hurt said. “My great-great-great-grandfather, Issac Hurt, married Pedigo’s great-great-granddaughter, establishing my link to the Sons of the American Revolution.”

Pedigo was born in Baltimore in December 1732 and died in April 1834 at age 101.

Pedigo, whose father was Henry Peregoy, changed his last name sometime after running away from home with his brother Robert, Hurt said. Robert supported England and used the last name Pediford, one of a number of variations of the Peregoy name.

Pedigo moved to southwestern Virginia and was living in Patrick County in May 1776 when the Virginia General Assembly, supported by Gov. Patrick Henry, declared independence and the Virginia Militia was called into action, Hurt said. Pedigo served as a private in Capt. Charles Flemming’s company, 7th Virginia Regiment of Foot, from April 1777 through the following April. During this time he was involved in battles at Brandywine and Germantown, which were loosely referred to as the defense of Philadelphia. He wintered at Valley Forge, where he was inoculated for smallpox. He re-enlisted twice, serving again with the 7th Virginia in Capt. Henry Young’s company and also the 3rd Virginia Regiment.

After the war, Pedigo was issued a land warrant for 100 acres in Kentucky County for his three years of service, and moved his family to present day Barren County, Ky. sometime between 1800 and 1810.

This revelation about his ancestor led Hurt – who grew up near Lexington, Ky. – to become a member of the Virginia chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, a national organization based in Louisville, Ky.

On March 17, Hurt’s son, Timothy Blaine Hurt, and grandson, Christopher Blaine Hurt, were also inducted into the organization at a ceremony in Richmond.

“At first, they were astonished we could find info on our relatives that far back,” Daryle said. “They were very proud.” He noted that his son and grandson are also related to Daniel Boone through his ex-wife Patricia Boone.

Christopher Blaine Hunt, a junior at L.C. Bird High School, has been accepted at the Virginia Military Institute, Daryle said.