“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” to borrow a phrase from author Charles Dickens in his novel, “A Tale of Two Cities.” Even though people are quarantined by mandate or personal decision, the internet is making connecting with other people much easier than... Read more
I was recently asked to contribute to a cookbook that uses garlic in every recipe. I wrote the foreward and cooking tips. The book, “Aglio Garlic Lover’s Cookbook” by Arabelle Publishing of Chesterfield, includes savory and sweet recipes for everyday meals and special occasions. Never thought I would see... Read more
You may have heard terms like “leaky gut,” “gut bacteria,” “healthy gut floral,” etc., but what does it all mean and how important is your gut to your overall health? The answer is: more important than you probably realize. Skin rash? It may be related to your gut health.... Read more
Wash all produce before consuming
Ever heard of the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen? No, it isn’t the name of a movie or TV series. The Dirty Dozen are foods you should always buy organic because they are the most susceptible to pesticides and toxic sprays. The Clean 15 are foods that are... Read more
It seems our society is obsessed with quantity instead of quality. Less is more when it comes to eating to live. This doesn’t mean starving yourself. Eat foods that are flavorful and satisfying that don’t have processed sugar in them, and you won’t feel deprived. I used to crave... Read more
Sugar is not a treat
When I grew up candy was something I got on special occasions; holidays, a reward for good behavior, a treat from our once a week grocery store shopping, but never anything that I had access to on a daily basis. Today there are candy bars at the grocery and... Read more
How many of you have started a diet and failed to accomplish your goals? Maybe 10 pounds a month over the next three months for a total of 30 pounds lost. That is an admirable goal if that is what you need/want to lose. For those who accomplish this... Read more
New M&M Fund created in honor of Piazza: Teacher, fitness enthusiast died last year
HOPEWELL — The John Randolph Foundation recently announced a new memorial fund at its Jan. 17 awards ceremony. The Cynthia Piazza Mind and Movement, or M&M, Fund will honor the life of a Chester woman who died Oct. 31 after battling brain cancer. Piazza taught for more than 20... Read more
Feeling stressed during the holidays? Maybe all you need is a good cry. Shedding tears is actually a process your body uses to release pent up emotions that can be caused by sadness, grief, stress, anxiety, frustration or even joy. It signals that you have reached an intense emotional... Read more