When I was a boy, I would spend a few weeks each summer with my family in southwest Virginia.  Part of that time was spent with one of my uncles on his farm.  “Putting up hay,” driving tractors,  and driving big trucks was entertainment to me.  What I did... Read more
I have mentioned in previous columns a very common phrase in gardening don’t guess; soil test.  When gardeners speak – or in my case – write the phrase, it is in reference to a laboratory analysis.  The lab results measure the nutrients in the soil, their availability to the... Read more
Hello, everyone, and happy belated Independence Day. July 4 is the mid-point of gardening season, too, as gardeners typically enjoy their hobby from April through October. By now, the early blooming plants are spent and the mid-season blooming plants are thriving. Half-way does not mean cruising to the finish... Read more
Odocoileus virginianus – or the white-tailed deer as it is commonly known – will certainly cause people to stop and gaze at its activities. Many will comment on its beauty and grab their cell phone for pictures. Now put that same deer in your garden or manicured landscape, and... Read more
It is not often that gardeners deal with as much rain as we have this spring. May was a record month for rain in our area, the most since 1889. No one can control the rain, but there are things we can do to ensure our landscape survives the... Read more
I have a new item for your garden this year “bling.” Bling is generally defined as a flashy object worn by people. We have all seen bling, and some of you reading this even have bling in your closet! Besides the belts and the jewelry, what about the reading... Read more
Do you think about your landscape around your house like a compass? The sun rises in the eastern part of your property, passes through the southern part and settles on the western part of your property. The rising and setting points will change slightly each day and will only... Read more
Everyone needs a companion, even your tomatoes. No, I am not suggesting spending quality time with your plants. Companion Planting is combining two or more plants in the same area so one or all benefit from the other. These benefits include: shade, ground cover to reduce erosion, improving the... Read more
Of the many gems we have in the Richmond Metro area, Maymont may be the crown jewel. Maymont is a 100 acre Victorian era estate that was gifted from James and Sallie Dooley to the city of Richmond upon Sally’s death in 1925. Maymont is ranked in the top... Read more
So, you want fresh vegetables but you do not have the space, you live alone, or you have limited time? I have a solution to your garden dilemma, containers. Yes, the same containers gardeners use for ornamentals can also be used for vegetables. Remember, whether it is a tomato... Read more