Caleb’s Corner: Colorado visit provides mountain respite
      ABOVE: Caleb M. Soptelean, editor; Baby mountain goat on Mount Evans. The mountains are calling, and I must go. With those words, the naturalist John Muir described my situation recently. Since I was named after the Old Testament character Caleb – who said, “Give me this... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Hope you had a nice long Labor Day weekend. I am writing this in advance so I have not enjoyed my three-day weekend, but I do have plans. I am going to Ohio to watch my Buckeyes start... Read more

No pastor yet

Fire & Life Safety September 6, 2018

When I first became the pastor of the church that I have led since 2005, a trusted friend and co-laborer said to me, “You might be a preacher, but you are no pastor yet.” I did not completely understand that vote of confidence, but after these 13-plus years, I... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the Dogpound, where we have been trying to very careful and safe. As I stated in my last article I almost became a hood ornament, and I had a second example I wanted to share with you, but ran out of space. Example No.... Read more
A house fire in Engine 11’s first due caused a family of four to have to be rescued from a second-floor roof with ground ladders. The normal way out of any house or building is through a doorway. The problem here was that the family could not get downstairs... Read more
This is one of the most difficult subjects that I have written about, but I believe that I need to try to tackle this. I dealt with suicide as a firefighter, and I deal with it as a pastor too. Suicide is a major issue in America. Statistics from... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. I hope you have been taking care of yourself, and as for myself, I have been struggling a bit with that issue. Nothing major mind you. No need to call 911 or anything like that; I have just... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. Many a week I have sat here at the computer, wondering what I should write about. Then life comes and kicks me in the caboose. Like, ta-da! Here you go! As I have said many times, I am... Read more
As I sit watching the news footage of the tornado that hit Old Towne Petersburg, Pocahontas Island, and then the Wal- Mart in Colonial Heights, I thought I would share my remembrance of that day: Aug. 6, 1993. There are some firefighters who will read this story and not... Read more
20 years and counting for Village News
ABOVE: The building that later came to be the home of the Village News is shown being reassembled in 2000 after it was moved to the Chester Village Green. It’s been 20 years since the first pages of the Village News first came off the press. In those years, we... Read more