A mural of Howard L. Baugh in the Chesterfield County Airport, painted by Maggie O’Leary, is a token of honor for this member of the Tuskegee Airman, those who served bravely and boldly in World War II. Baugh passed away Aug. 23, 2008, but his legacy lives on. The... Read more
It’s that time of year; the “crud” is back in action. You know the crud; you may very well have the crud as you are reading this right now. The crud is any illness infecting persons and making them extremely miserable, whether it is throwing up, fever, cough, or... Read more
T he news reported a fatal fire in a neighboring county tonight. The cause of this fire has not yet been determined. The house was an older home, which tells us some things about construction features. I am going to try to do a breakdown of a house fire... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. It has been a weird week for sure. I had my car picked up from work to have the oil changed, and when I got it back it had a weird humming sound. It would come and go….sounded... Read more
We have watched the protests at some airports across our country done in response to the detainment of a small number of people for the purpose of vetting or security. I am sure, for those that were detained and their families, that this was inconvenient. Making America safe is... Read more
LC BIRD                     Meadowbrook                     Thomas Dale     Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful and rested world of the Dogpound. Here is hoping you had a nice long weekend, since it will be a while before we see another one. As for me…I am still writing these articles ahead of time, since I plan to take... Read more
When David Potter was a teenager living with his grandparents, he was unsure about what career path he should take. Potter grew up with humble beginnings in Pikeville, Ky., and was destined to become a third generation coal miner. He said the mining town did not have many opportunities,... Read more
On January 21, my mother and I went to the Women’s March on Washington. Our arrival was smooth; we parked, jumped on the Metro, and made our way to the district. The atmosphere was rather jolly on the Metro, even at 6 a.m. Women from all over our country... Read more
I have been writing this column since 1998, when this paper started and I was a lieutenant at Fire Station 1 in Chester. My assigned task was to write about what I was seeing, from the vantage point of Engine 1, attempting to educate our community. I cannot say... Read more