Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. As I have related over the past few articles, things in my small section of the Dogpound have been rather disjointed and it appears the trend is not going to end very soon. I was mowing the lawn... Read more
To the Editor: On Mother’s Day, May 8, many of us celebrated the powerful bond between mother and child. Tragically, the world-wide symbols of motherhood – dairy cows – never get to see or nurture their babies. Newborn calves are torn from their mothers at birth, so we can... Read more
To the Editor: They came in poodle skirts and fancy gowns and casual duds straight out of Grease. It was the first annual ‘50s Mother/Son dance at C.C. Wells. Moms who had probably worked all day dressed up to the nines for the shindig. And the boys, some sporting... Read more
Do you think about your landscape around your house like a compass? The sun rises in the eastern part of your property, passes through the southern part and settles on the western part of your property. The rising and setting points will change slightly each day and will only... Read more
You may have remembered me sharing statements that used to be on the walls of fire stations, during my career. Risk a lot to save a life Risk little to save little Risk nothing to save nothing I am writing this article to the firefighters that read my column,... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound where things just continue to spin out of control. First off, before I forget, Happy Mother’s Day… Belated, but I finally remembered, and I was doing so great staying current with the holidays. Anyway, last week I was... Read more
To the Editor: The letter from Mr. L. J. McCoy, Jr., President of the Chesterfield NAACP, contained a very interesting comment. He asked: “Why would any political party wish to continually reject an individual because he or she made a mistake in the past?” Being only a college graduate,... Read more
To the Editor: L.J. McCoy’s letter of last week applauded Gov. McAuliffe’s recent executive order restoring voting rights to convicted felons. I agree. However, the executive order also includes the right to serve on a jury, run for public office, and serve as a notary. I can’t imagine any... Read more
It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and as usual I waited until the last minute to put anything together for these wonderful people. I have desperately tried for years to make cute, creative, Pinterest inspired gifts for the teachers in our life, and it stresses me out every time. As... Read more
Most of us have seen or heard about the horrific, single-vehicle accident that happened in Hanover a few days ago. Every person in the vehicle was either injured or killed, when the vehicle left the road and struck a tree. Investigators believe that alcohol was a factor in this... Read more