Transportation by foot, bicycle, automobile, public transit are options, which some are available and some are not. We know that most of us can jump in our car and go just about anywhere. Bicycling is exceedingly tougher but is coming around in small pieces; travel by foot is gaining... Read more
Instead of writing about my dissatisfaction with the state of the world and the human race, I’m going to take a cue from the upcoming week and instead, be thankful. As much as I despair, I am thankful, as heavy as my heart is, it does fill with joy... Read more
I doubt that it has changed much since I left the job; firefighters love to eat. I can remember some of the best meals that I have ever eaten were in a fire station. There is nothing worse than to sit down for a meal and have the “heartsaver”... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound where things are in a constant state of change. As I mentioned in the last article, I was forced to join the new gym at the hospital and I had my concerns. One of my concerns was the... Read more
I read on an arrest report last week that a man had been arrested for making annoying phone calls. You cannot help but wonder what those calls were about. I can understand threatening phone calls being a problem, maybe overzealous sales calls, political robo-calls or the survey calls that... Read more
To the Editor: In regard to the Bikeways and Trails chapter , I have found there is great support for a more walkable and bikeable Chesterfield County. Everyday I see people trying to cross Ironbridge Road without crosswalks or sidewalks. Our county has not developed well... Read more
Cold and damp weather marks the beginning of the cold and flu season. The average adult will get two to three colds each year. Children can get even more. Our respiratory system is designed primarily to exchange gases. Each time we inhale, oxygen is brought into the lungs to... Read more
With two days near 80 degrees last week, winter is not on most people’s mind. Yes, fall so far has been mild but cold temperatures are not far away. Now is the time to ensure your trees and shrubs are mulched and mulched properly. Think about trees and shrubs... Read more
So after 19 years on C-shift and most of that on an engine company, I was transferred to the Fire & Life Safety Division. My new roles would be titled Community Programs Coordinator and Public Information Officer. In other words, I would now spend the next two years leading... Read more
Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. If we know anything about this little world of ours, we know that “change” is always in the wind. I have mentioned in the past that my company has their own little gym, located downtown, up three flights of... Read more