How many calories do you burn if you drive to work? Not many, even if you drive while listening to your favorite exercise CD and find the closest parking space to your building before you sit on your butt all day. Physical jobs are much better for you. Just... Read more
To the Editor: We moved our business, the Beverage Equipment Company, to Chester over 35 years ago. We employed eight people and serviced three states from our Chester location. Through the years, my wife Jeanne and I have transitioned our business from service to retail, moving from a location... Read more
What a glorious summer day we were given this Sunday. After weeks of intense heat, apocalyptic thunder storms and one dreary Saturday, Sunday showed up with brilliant blue skies, low humidity and a cool breeze. In a word, perfect. I spent the day getting reacquainted with my yard and... Read more
What brought you to Chesterfield? I moved here with my family in 1992. Like many others, we moved here because of the high reputation of Chesterfield schools and then never left. We seem to have been correct in our assessment of the school system, as both our daughters were ... Read more
When the storms hit Doswell last night, wouldn’t you know it, we were there. We took our students to King’s Dominion/Kingsfest, as a “fun” culmination to a week of hard work and heat. We all know that when it gets this hot that big storms are coming. This was... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  As I have stated in past articles, Max has very bad arthritis and has recently been diagnosed with blood pressure and heart issues, as well.  So the number of meds he is on has tripled.  I only mention... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound social media.  I must say I am really thrilled to announce that my Dogpound twitter account is growing by leaps and bounds.  I now have over 1,500 faithful pack members who receive the regular morning joke, and are... Read more
Bike and walking trails were part of a sales pitch for Hallsley, an upscale development with homes starting at $400,000. With a number of Chesterfield residents lining up to make comments at the planning commission last week, there were enough stating there were concerns with the trail running near... Read more
Hello Readers, I am Larry Newman, Master Gardener with Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension. Perhaps you are thinking, “another garden dude telling me how to grow big tomatoes and go organic.” Not so fast, my fellow garden enthusiasts. The intent of my column is similar to the cooperative extension service,... Read more
Many ailments have an increased likelihood of occurring in the summer.  This is true of swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa.  It can be contracted at any time during the year, but the heat, humidity and extra moisture of summer and pool activities make it more likely to occur in... Read more