Chester has come a long way since 1856 when Joseph Snead and Charles Stebbins first began building-up the Chester area as a desirable place to live and get away from the heat of the City of Richmond. In those days the mail came to Chester by train and was... Read more
Frosty’s Corner is a historical salute for many of the long-standing residents of Chesterfield County. County citizens continue to use this intersection (Iron Bridge Road and Cogbill Road) as a landmark for directions. The name “Frosty’s Corner” came from life-long resident Roy Dean “Frosty” Smith. He was born in... Read more
If you are interested in history, the early beginnings of America and Native Americans, there  is an outdoor living history museum in your backyard. Chester is home to Henricus Historical Park, which has been re-creating a 1611 Citie of Henricus, 1611-1622, the London Company’s second English settlement in the... Read more