BERTCH, Mr. Lawrence Carroll Sr., 70, of Chesterfield, a Marine Corps veteran, husband of Robin C. Bertch. COLEMAN, Mr. Ronald, 62, of Chesterfield. FISH, Mr. David Harold, 66, of North Chesterfield, an Air Force veteran who served during the Vietnam War, husband of Carol Fish. FLEMING, Mrs. Clara Ann Davis, 78, of Chesterfield,... Read more
Booth, Mr. Charles Franklin “Buddy” Jr., 73, of South Chesterfield, husband of Linda Roan Booth. Chaulklin, Mrs. Wanda Fay Ryder, of North Chesterfield, wife of David Chaulklin. Cox, Mrs. Carol Donaldson, 81, of Chesterfield, widow of Edward Wallace Cox. Daniel, Mr. Freddie Richard “Pop,” 75, of South Chesterfield. Drumwright, Mr. S.... Read more
Lois Tyus Williams, 94, of Chester, Va. passed away on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. She was born in Griffin, Ga. to her late parents, Roscoe Edison Tyus and Lois Tyus Cox. She was the widow of the late Jim R. Williams, the love of her life. She is survived... Read more
BLANKENSHIP, Ms. Patricia Everhart, 68, of North Chesterfield. BRINK, Mrs. Trudy Cecelia, 70, of Chesterfield County, wife of Dennis Brink. DEANER, Mrs. Katherine Zappulla, 74, of Chester, wife of Dennis Deaner. ELSNER, Colton J., 1, of Chesterfield, son of Katie Hunt and John Elsner. GARNER, Mrs. Dorothy Landy, 91, of Chesterfield... Read more
ALMEIDA, Ms. Linda B., 62, of North Chesterfield. BODENHEIMER, Ms. Patricia Dixson, 75, of Chesterfield. COBAUGH, Mr. Donald L. Sr., 83, of North Chesterfield, husband of Mildred Cobaugh. CRAIG, Mr. Thomas B. Jr., 79, of Chesterfield, husband of Carrie Craig. FLOYD, Mrs. Eugenia Parker, 85, of Chester, widow of William... Read more
Abbott, Ms. Frances Pope, 86, of Chester. Bailey, Mrs. Shirley Chappell, 79, of North Chesterfield, wife of Curtis Lynn Bailey. Beane, Ms. Claudine Gant, 72, of Chesterfield. Bombace, Mrs. Anne Gnaffo, 94, of North Chesterfield, widow of Joseph Anthony Bombace. Brooks, Ms. Robinett Pittman, 46, of North Chesterfield. Brown, Mr. Lucius Morris, 85,... Read more
Ray Eugene Grubbs, 81, of Chester, VA passed away on Saturday, January 2, 2016. He was preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and Grace Grubbs; and a son, Robert Grubbs, Sr.  He is survived by his wife, Sherry Grubbs; children, Marvin Grubbs, Steven Grubbs (Janet), Leonard Grubbs, Sr.... Read more
Akers, Mrs. Wanda Bruce, 90, of Chesterfield, widow of Patrick Daniel Akers. Atkins, Ms. Brenda Whitman, 69, of Chesterfield. Ferguson, Mrs. Mary T. Keeley, 96, of Chesterfield, widow of William J. Ferguson. Freeman, Mrs. Mi Young “Jeanie,” of Chesterfield, wife of Thomas Joel Freeman Sr. Friend, Mrs. Helen Bell, 90, of North Chesterfield. Haskins, Mrs.... Read more
AKERS, Mrs. Barbara Ann, 67, of Chesterfield, wife of Larry Akers. BERDEAUX, Mr. Lester Franklin, 82, of Chesterfield, a Korean War Army veteran, husband of Eloise Berdeaux. BOLLING, Miss Ann Leverne, 63, of North Chesterfield. BOWDEN, Mr. Thomas Allen, 81, of Chesterfield, an Army National Guard veteran, companion of the late... Read more
Barton, Mrs. Nancy Simms, 78, of Chesterfield, widow of Linwood Jennings Barton. Berdeaux, Mr. Lester Franklin, 82, of Chesterfield, a Korean War Army veteran, husband of Eloise Berdeaux. Frame, Mr. Gary Wayne, 66, of Chester, husband of Julie Markham Frame. Harris, Mrs. Mary Broadnax, of North Chesterfield, wife of Clifford Harris Sr. Hammond, Mrs.... Read more