The Aftermath

Fire & Life Safety September 13, 2017

Iam writing this a few days before Hurricane Irma impacts the United States. The track and strength of Irma as it passes Virginia will determine a rain event, a wind event, or both. A high, sustained wind could possibly bring down trees, power lines, or whatever else that wind... Read more
S eptember has historically been the height of hurricane season, in the Atlantic Ocean. We continue to watch the heroic efforts of many in Texas as they continue to operate in the rescue or life safety mode of the operation. Tropical systems are wind events, rain events, or both.... Read more
My first assignment after boot camp, was the fire station at the USCG Training Center- Cape May N.J. One might wonder how people were chosen for those positions in 1981? For Mickey Conboy and me, it was because of our years as volunteer firefighters, Mickey in Dumont N.J. and... Read more
T hough I know that this is happening, I am thankful that we have not heard much of it in our area recently. The issue that I am speaking of is leaving a child or a pet alone in a vehicle for any amount of time. With the temperatures... Read more
Let me start by saying that I do not claim to be an expert on fire suppression systems, but I do know several experts. The question that I pose in this article is: Will your fire suppression system do what you need it to do if a fire occurs?... Read more
Guest Columnist Doug Hanky A few days ago, I shared a bucket list item of mine with some friends at dinner. This summer, I will go to the beach and watch a sunrise, take some pictures, drink some coffee, and then have a leisurely breakfast and more coffee! After breakfast,... Read more
By Guest Author Becky Hypes Becky wrote this on my Facebook page the other day and I felt like it needed to be restated in my column. When anger leads to violence, we have crossed the line. This has been on Becky’s heart and mind for a while. Therefore I... Read more
  As we begin to learn more about the tragic high-rise apartment building in London, I want to address what protects us. Thus far, there are 17 confirmed fatalities and about 100 people still missing. There are so many issues that lead to a situation like this, but I... Read more
We just finished an 1,800-mile, round-trip journey to Florida. We traveled in three vehicles, with most of our time spent on I-95 and I-4. Driving was an experience, though the weather was nice and we experienced no mechanical issues. We saw accidents, a brush fire, traffic backups, road construction,... Read more
I was watching an Orlando news station last night, and they reported on the tragic death of a four-year-old boy. The story goes that he had started trying to get the baby monitor in his room over the last few days. The monitor had been on his dresser, but... Read more