The day started out as any other day but rapidly turned into one of the deadliest days in American history. Terrorists hijacked four passenger planes in Boston and used them as weapons. Two of those planes were flown into the World Trade Center towers in New York, one was... Read more
Although they will never see my article, my words to the St. Louis firefighters who rescued four children, all 5 and under, are: “Job well done!” Those firefighters were dispatched to an apartment fire after a passerby noticed smoke coming from the second floor. Firefighters did not know that... Read more
Our English language is full of idioms, phrases like, “it is raining cats and dogs” or “it is raining buckets.” I just walked in and told my wife that it was “lightning up a storm.” If you ask a firefighter, “What caused that fire?” the answer given is often:... Read more
For many years, we have heard that the Veterans Administration medical system is broken. For about the past two to three years, I have been helping a veteran get to his doctor’s appointments at the VA hospital. I feel like I have an idea of how this system works... Read more
Since June 29, I have walked alongside a family that never saw it coming. The mother was in the late stages of her third trimester, two weeks from her due date. She had seen her doctor on Wednesday, June 26, and was told that everything looked fine. On Friday,... Read more
It is unthinkable to me that this continues to happen, but children continue to die after being left in a hot car. Accidents are preventable. People who leave a child in the car have expressed a wide number of excuses, but this scenario is absolutely preventable. I sat in... Read more
‘Healthy’ man faces quadruple heart bypass
By David Thompson This story, my story, began one year ago. I had not had a heart attack or any serious symptoms that would indicate a heart condition. I had lost 23 pounds over six months and had walked over 400,000 steps in the five weeks preceding my diagnosis.... Read more
For the last 40 years, I have been attempting to educate people about the need to have a proper number of properly located and functioning smoke alarms in their homes. A couple of smoke alarms with a residential sprinkler system and the chance of survival in a residential fire... Read more
With July 4 coming, it is important to discuss how we can and cannot celebrate the holiday. The Fireworks Regulations page of the Chesterfield County website states: “The sale, possession, and use of fireworks by anyone other than a licensed and permitted fireworks professional is prohibited by the Chesterfield... Read more
June 18-19 marked the 12th anniversary of the day when nine firefighters made the ultimate sacrifice at the Sofa Super Store fire in Charleston, S.C. This fire claimed the greatest number of firefighters’ lives since Sept.11, 2001. I just took the time to listen to the first hour of... Read more