To the Editor: There once was a flea who lived in a jar. The jar had a lid on it. Every day the flea would jump and he would hit his poor little head on the lid. One day the lid was removed and as the story goes, the... Read more
To the Editor: What would you do if a close relative died, leaving two pet cats and you were allergic to them? What if you lost your job, had your home foreclosed and had to move somewhere you couldn’t take your family’s pet cat? What if a neighbor moved,... Read more
To the Editor: It was such an honor and great experience to serve as the 2015 Chesterfield-Colonial Heights Christmas Mother. Serving as ambassador for this wonderful organization allowed me to speak at many civic organizations, businesses, clubs, church and youth groups. Participating in five parades and being at an... Read more
To the Editor: My name is Karl Johnson. I am a Chesterfield resident and a business owner. I am a commercial developer. I would like to see the Board of Supervisors make some changes in the way Chesterfield County approves which Commercial Developers get on the Fast Track approval... Read more
To the Editor: I agree that there is entirely too much negativity, hatred and anger in our country, but the majority of it is coming from the extreme Trumpet movement that I will assume is the Republican Party. I have never heard the threatening, screaming, lunatic behavior of the... Read more
To the Editor: I was reading Mr. Gray’s latest commentary “It’s Over” and found myself discouraged at the tone of the article and the division that Mr. Gray creates in an attempt to prove his point. Mr. Gray’s  notion  that today’s conservatism “has left America poorer, unhealthier, less united, and less... Read more
To the Editor: Well I see Mr. Gray’s interests have expanded from The Great Climate Change Hoax into attempted gun grabbing. His predictions in “It’s Over” (V. News, 12/09/15) are as crazy as the ones on climate. The goal is the same: big government control over every aspect of... Read more
To the Editor: I enjoyed your piece “rail against trails may fail,” regarding the effort in the Board of Supervisors to enact a plan for providing access to more walking and biking trails in Chesterfield. I assumed that it would be voted down, based on the cheapness and resistance... Read more
To the Editor: While President Obama is pardoning two turkeys for Thanksgiving, every one of us can exercise that same presidential power by choosing a nonviolent Thanksgiving observance that spares a turkey’s life. And here are some good reasons: You can brag about pardoning a turkey – like Obama.... Read more
To the Editor: In regard to the Bikeways and Trails chapter , I have found there is great support for a more walkable and bikeable Chesterfield County. Everyday I see people trying to cross Ironbridge Road without crosswalks or sidewalks. Our county has not developed well... Read more