During these divisive times, it’s always nice to see people coming together. I can tell you that nothing brings people together better than a Girl Scout cookie sale! From selling at work, to having my sweet girl call and plead family members to purchase her delicious cookies, she has... Read more
A mural of Howard L. Baugh in the Chesterfield County Airport, painted by Maggie O’Leary, is a token of honor for this member of the Tuskegee Airman, those who served bravely and boldly in World War II. Baugh passed away Aug. 23, 2008, but his legacy lives on. The... Read more
It’s that time of year; the “crud” is back in action. You know the crud; you may very well have the crud as you are reading this right now. The crud is any illness infecting persons and making them extremely miserable, whether it is throwing up, fever, cough, or... Read more
When David Potter was a teenager living with his grandparents, he was unsure about what career path he should take. Potter grew up with humble beginnings in Pikeville, Ky., and was destined to become a third generation coal miner. He said the mining town did not have many opportunities,... Read more
On January 21, my mother and I went to the Women’s March on Washington. Our arrival was smooth; we parked, jumped on the Metro, and made our way to the district. The atmosphere was rather jolly on the Metro, even at 6 a.m. Women from all over our country... Read more
Dickie and Alena King celebrated their 10th anniversary on Nov. 14. It was also the day, Maria, an 11-year-old Bulgarian girl officially became part of their family. “That is the day I got her into my arms,” said Alena. The Kings had planned a trip to Las Vegas for... Read more
As we approach January, I have been hit with a realization. My boy is going to be starting middle school this year. I don’t know how we got to this point. I truly feel like it was just yesterday that he was walking into preschool without me, and not... Read more
I have managed to stay away from writing about the election, but as the inauguration is growing increasingly near, I cannot stay silent any longer. I am fearful, I am anxious, I am overwhelmed, and I am burdened by sorrow that my fellow Americans have put something into play... Read more
We have made it past the turkey and are now moving full speed ahead towards Christmas trees and lights. In reality, the minute Halloween was over, the retailers were pushing Christmas down our throats faster than you can say “candy cane.” It saddens me that Thanksgiving is now such... Read more
I just “celebrated” my 35th birthday. As most of us know, I did not get my birthday wish, and instead woke up on my first full day as a 35-year-old to the news that shocked everyone. However, as my Grandma would say, “It is what it is,” and in... Read more