Welcome to the Dogpound where we have a sad announcement to make. With a heavy heart I had to make the tough decision to...

Welcome to the Dogpound where we have a sad announcement to make. With a heavy heart I had to make the tough decision to put Max asleep. He was no longer mobile without my assistance, he barely ate which caused him to continue to lose weight, and his bed sores were now on both sides of his hips and could not be closed. So after 14 and a half years, it was time to say goodbye to my long-time buddy. They say the best way to ease the pain when losing someone close to you is to focus on the good memories, and with your permission I would like to take you a walk down memory lane over the next few weeks.


After moving to a new town [Findlay, Ohio..Flag City]. Accepting a new job, and buying  a new house,  I decided it was time to start looking for a new dog. My previous dog, Muffin, had recently been put to sleep because of an inoperable tumor, and now that the dust had settled, it was time to find a new buddy. The newspaper was full of ads for $300-$500 puppies…to rich for my blood, when I noticed an ad…mixed Border Collie puppies for only $25. I drove to a small farm just outside of town and met the owner of the puppies. I asked why only $25. She told me that the mother was a registered Border Collie, but the neighbors Golden Retriever had jumped the fence and made an unscheduled visit. Since then, I  have told everyone that Max is part registered Border Collie and part “accidental” Golden Retriever. The mother had a larger litter of eight pups with all of them looking pretty identical in size and markings. I told the owner I wanted a male; there were two left that had not been promised to someone else. I picked both of the guys up and held them next to my chest. They fit nicely in my hands, and, with the identical markings, there was no immediate way to make a choice of the left hand over the right hand. So I told the owner I would hold them a few minutes and I would take whichever one moved first. As fate had, neither one moved. They just laid contently in my hands, so I chose the puppy in my right hand…who later became known as Maximus [Max] the Dogpound Wilson. Since the puppies were not weaned yet, I had to come back after Christmas to pick Max up and take him to his new home, where our 14-year journey began.

That is all for now. As always be good, do good, play safe, and, if you have a pet, give him a little hug from me and Max.