Following a deeply moving dream 14 years ago, Lesley Beiro planted the seedling of a story idea took root in her imagination. This lone...

boook-carlenceFollowing a deeply moving dream 14 years ago, Lesley Beiro planted the seedling of a story idea took root in her imagination. This lone sprout has since transformed into a garden – her novel, “The Kiss.” Drawing from her own life, the inspirational story is teeming with relatable characters and real emotions.

The plotline follows Linda Reynolds, a mother of three boys who discovers her husband’s adulterous acts. Motivated by resentment and focused on revenge, she quietly leaves their home in New Jersey, fleeing with her sons to Prince George, Va. Readers of the novel will experience Linda’s spiritual journey through many tribulations and difficult decisions and will realize the power of “redemption, grace, and forgiveness.” Readers may even recognize the names of several Chester and Prince George establishments sprinkled throughout “The Kiss” — local churches, realty companies, convenience stores— as Linda’s character is loosely based on Beiro herself. Like Linda, the author has three sons of her own and moved from a small home in New Jersey to rural Prince George. Describing her protagonist’s initial impressions of Virginia, Beiro says, “Linda’s first experiences are very similar to mine.”

As both an author and a painter, Beiro acknowledges the influence of art on both the creator and the spectator. Not only did writing help her navigate through a darker period of her life, creating a “positive energy,” but she hopes it will also deeply impact her readers, touching their lives. “Any good story can change a person’s life,” she says. Although targeted toward a female audience, “The Kiss” may also impact men, as Linda’s husband undergoes the most dramatic character change. One male reader who was especially affected by the novel described reading “The Kiss” as “a significant emotional experience.” Through her art, Beiro can “dig into the human heart” and has the “ability to get the juices flowing, whether with words or a paintbrush.” Notably, she painted “The Kiss” cover illustration, a depiction of a pagoda at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

While Beiro’s first endeavor as an author has come to a close, she has no intention of ending her literary journey. Only just beginning, she has already generated ideas for several other books, including a sequel to “The Kiss,” a story inspired by her mother, and a work of nonfiction focused on peaceful communication in church communities.

For an opportunity to meet the author and to get an autographed copy of “The Kiss,” Beiro has two upcoming book signings, one on July 23 at the Rainbow Christian Parable Bookstore on Southgate Square in Colonial Heights and another on July 30 at Nails PIZZAZZ Salon on Kingston Ave. in Chester. Both take place from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.