Brock’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant & Catering is celebrating 30 years in business Friday. The date was May 12, 1987. Charlie and Doris Brock and their...

From left: Timmy Brock, Pat Earley, and Jimmy Brock.

Brock’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant & Catering is celebrating 30 years in business Friday.

The date was May 12, 1987. Charlie and Doris Brock and their two sons, Jimmy and Timmy, opened their doors at the Water Tower Shopping Center. They stayed at that location for 13 years before moving across the parking lot, and remodeling a former bank building, where they have been for 17 years. They continue with their family traditions, recipes, and reputation for good service and quality food.
Jimmy and Timmy became the second generation to run the restaurant and catering business when their parents retired 18 years ago, and now, children of former employees are working in the restaurant. One of their servers, Pat Earley, has been with them for 22 years, and three other servers are children of servers who worked in the early days.

Jimmy Brock attributes a lot of the success of the restaurant to the staff, mentioning Earley, who has a long history with Brock’s. “Pat has been with us 22 years, everyone knows her,” he said. “and she knows her guests.” Jimmy spoke highly of his whole team and said, “They are experienced and knowledgeable. They know what we expect and are always part of decisions being discussed.”

“One of our customers, John Osborne, has been with us since we have opened our doors and has his own reserved spot in the restaurant when he comes in for lunch,” said Jimmy.

Osborne has known the family before the restaurant opened, and he has been a daily patron for lunch as well as a family gathering place each Friday, with four to 12 members joining him for dinner. “They are just like family to me,” he said. “The food is good, of course, but it’s the employees; waitstaff, people in the kitchen, all of them, they are just the nicest people. And there is a misconception about Brock’s. People say to me how do you eat barbecue everyday? I love barbecue, but they have specials every day, all the food is really good. They are on top of things. And a lot of people only have a few minutes for lunch; no matter how busy they are, they are going to quick to wait on you.”

Timmy manages the successful catering business, which provides food for some of the largest corporate gatherings, some in excess of 8,000. Jimmy manages the restaurant, which reflects family; not only does it include the quality selected and how the food is prepared food, but it is emulated through the staff and showcased on the walls of the restaurant, adorned with photos of family and friends as well as college flags representing the Brock’s schools. NASCAR photos showcasing Jimmy’s son Alex, a rising late model driver, are especially prominent.

“We offer quality, variety and price,” Brock said. “Our buffet changes daily but we always have our barbecue. If you come on fried chicken day, Tuesday, you better get here early for lunch. It goes fast. Thursday is spaghetti day, and it is also popular.”

Many of the family recipes have remained the same over the years, including the green beans and coleslaw which were Doris’s family’s recipes.

Brock’s may have earned its reputation for their barbecue and Charlie’s tasty sauce, but it is the whole delightful mix that keeps everyone coming back allowing the restaurant to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

Look for some sampling going on all day long during their anniversary day as well as other activities. Brock’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant & Catering is located at 11310 Ironbridge Rd. For more information call (804) 796-7539.