The park offers a look into the life of the Arrohateck tribe and the early...










The park offers a look into the life of the Arrohateck tribe and the early Citie of Henricus through replicas of the early dwellings and the interpreters. The Henricus Militia marches and performs weapons demonstrations.

On Saturday, the militia also provided an escort for the mock funeral of the Rev. Whitaker.

Whitaker is mostly known for his connection with Pocahontas, daughter of the mighty Chief Powhatan. Pocahontas was taken by the English and placed at Rocke Hall, Whitaker’s home, where she was tutored in English customs and introduced to the Christian faith. It was at Henricus that Pocahontas met John Rolfe, and they later wed.

Children visiting the park had the opportunity to take in the sights, make crafts, and play games from the time period.

Henricus was founded in 1611; it was the second English settlement, Jamestown being the first. Henricus was a place of many firsts including the first college in North America, and the first hospital. Private land ownership was a new concept, and tobacco became a cash crop.

A special treat was a replica of the Godspeed ship. The curious were invited to come on board tocheck out the lifestyle of the sailors during a voyage. The Godspeed currently visits Henricus every two years.

Besides history, the beauty of nature is enticing, and one may walk the wooded trails or beside the river. A gift shop offers books, crafts and more.

A boardwalk beside Henricus. The project is funded in part by the National Park Service’s Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Trails grant, and it will provide access to the Relic River channel of the James River at Dutch Gap Conservation area, which is adjacent to Henricus. Paddle craft will have access to the main channel of the James River from the boardwalk. A roadside paved parking area will be provided along with a handicap-accessible ramp leading to the Relic River Marsh Area. A floating boardwalk and observation platforms, according to Chesterfield Parks and Rec, will allow visitors to explore the previously-inaccessible area. The facility will also provide fishing, and kayak/canoe access to the body of water.

Educational opportunities at the park are offered for school systems and homeschoolers. Special events happen throughout the year.

Whatever your historical passion may be, Henricus offers endless opportunities to explore it.