Hello and welcome back to the unsure world of the Dogpound. Right now I feel a little bit like Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary...

Hello and welcome back to the unsure world of the Dogpound. Right now I feel a little bit like Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State.

I am looking through the latest edition of the Village News and I read where Mark and Linda are retiring! Say what?! No one asked me! Where was my email? What happened?! Then after that initial shock, I turn a few more pages and read that Gena Lashley of the Mixing Bowl is leaving as well! The reason, she said, is her little ones were no longer little, so she cannot write about them. Really? I mean, think of all the rich material she has to look forward to, like teaching them how to drive and that first fender-bender, teaching them how to dance and that first date, or broken curfew. And so on. However, never fear my loyal Dogpound pack members….I am not going anywhere. I am staying the course! You are stuck with me!! Anyway…20 years is a long time meeting that weekly deadline, so hats off to Mark and Linda. I very happy for them. I have written for them since 1999. I believe I started in July. That would mean I have written somewhere around 900 articles averaging, let’s say, 400 words per article. That is 36,000 words. No wonder I wake up some mornings and my fingers ache. LOL… I thought it would be fun to recreate one of my old articles. My first article is on a CD somewhere, but I do have an old original copy in a shadow box on my wall, dated August 19, 1999.

Here it is:
“Rise and Shine in the Dogpound” It is time to start another week, so rise and shine with the Dogpack as we pack your bags with some humor and smiles to start the day right. Quote for the week: “Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.”

Anonymous interesting story for the week: The California Prune Board is making a pitch to the school systems around the country to make hamburgers mixed with prune puree as a low-fat alternative. I didn’t make that up! The spokesperson says the taste is not affected but they make the hamburger more juicy [that is what they said about soybean additives too, and that did not go over so well either!] What is more interesting is that they are already serving this “pruneburger” in school cafeterias in Colorado, Maryland, California and New Hampshire. I wonder if the students know this?

The locked car: I returned to get my car at a Chester garage when the manager approached me and apologized for not having my car ready. It seems that they accidentally locked the keys in my car. We went to the service bay where the mechanic was working feverishly to unlock the driver’s side door. As I watched from the passenger’s side I instinctively tried the door handle and discovered it was open. “Hey,” I announced to the mechanic, “It’s open!” “I know,” answered the young man. “I already got that side.” Guess where I will not be taking my car the next time to be worked on!

As always, be good, play safe, share, and do something nice for someone when they least expect it. See ya next week at the Dogpound. JR

Ok, that was it. How many of you out there remember that article? Show of hands? Didn’t think so. To be honest, I did not remember it either. LOL

Better go..fingers are starting to ache. As always, be good, do good, play safe and remember to watch out for those pruneburgers.