Senior Battalion Chief David Creasy
On Monday, Oct. 15, my friend and a fire service mentor David “Chico” Creasy went home to be with the Lord after a four-year journey with cancer. David did not lose his battle with cancer, but used it to educate today’s fire service about the dangers of carcinogens and... Read more
This past Thursday evening saw the devastating loss of a fire lieutenant while his crew was severly injured due to a major accident on I-295. From what I understand, the engine crew was dealing with a motor vehicle accident in the midst of wind and rain from Tropical Storm... Read more
One source of heat that can lead to a fire is fans that operate in our homes. There are many different types of fans: ceiling fans, box fans, fans in air handling units, exhaust fans and bathroom fans. Whatever the type of fan, when they malfunction, they can cause... Read more
We are right around the corner from this year’s Fire Prevention Week. The theme for this year is “Look, listen, learn, be aware, fire can happen anywhere.” The point is this: •Look for places fire can start •Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm •Learn two ways out... Read more
Over the last few months, several fires in vacant or abandoned buildings have been intentionally set in Petersburg. It is as if this is an arsonist with a conscience, considering the type of buildings that he or she is choosing to light off. Wikipedia says arson is “a crime... Read more
Just two days ago, we were standing on the shore of the Cape Fear River, looking at one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The mandatory evacuation notice for vacationers came Monday afternoon, Sept. 10. For residents, it was Sept. 11-12. A canceled vacation only matters... Read more
Public schools are now back in session after a quick summer has led to the 2018-2019 school year. Young children are going to kindergarten for the first time. Sixth-graders are experiencing middle school, while ninth-graders are adapting to high school. What does all of this mean for you and... Read more

No pastor yet

Fire & Life Safety September 6, 2018

When I first became the pastor of the church that I have led since 2005, a trusted friend and co-laborer said to me, “You might be a preacher, but you are no pastor yet.” I did not completely understand that vote of confidence, but after these 13-plus years, I... Read more
A house fire in Engine 11’s first due caused a family of four to have to be rescued from a second-floor roof with ground ladders. The normal way out of any house or building is through a doorway. The problem here was that the family could not get downstairs... Read more
This is one of the most difficult subjects that I have written about, but I believe that I need to try to tackle this. I dealt with suicide as a firefighter, and I deal with it as a pastor too. Suicide is a major issue in America. Statistics from... Read more