I do not know the details of the pedestrian who was struck on Route 288, but we passed through there after it had happened. From the little that I heard on the news, the individual who was struck and killed had been looking under the hood of his vehicle... Read more
As I watched the late news last night, I saw a photo of the front of a house in the north end of Chesterfield County fully engulfed. I was going to write an article that offered three educated guesses of the potential causes, but my first inclination was determined... Read more
In 2004, four coworkers and I were tasked with rewriting the fire department’s policy for dealing with children who set fires. The primary deterrent is parental supervision. Parents cannot overlook this because as long as you have a child who is “playing” with fire, everyone in your family is... Read more


Fire & Life Safety January 8, 2019

SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Every year, many infants die in this way. I am not going to provide any clinical aspects or findings of this syndrome. My intent is to write about this in a way that helps to educate about this syndrome. Although it can... Read more
As we pass from 2018 to 2019, be vigilant to prevent a fire in your home. I am giving each of us the benefit of the doubt that we have been mindful of fire safety up to this point. There are still cooking-related fires that are displacing people from... Read more
The perfect storm, pun intended, came together last Friday with the pouring rain, lots of traffic and the effect of the time change. People’s driving has become worse and worse, especially on Fridays, due to people in a hurry, people who lack patience, people who take chances at other’s... Read more
I was talking with a retired firefighter recently about a fire that he experienced in his home. He shared that as he and his wife had just laid down the night before when they both began to smell something burning. They got up and investigated and found that the... Read more
It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. This is a season of joy and happiness as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In preparing for this celebration, we adorn our homes, inside and out, with decorations. In some cases, folks become... Read more

Move over!

Fire & Life Safety December 4, 2018

You might say, he just wrote an article on this subject and you would be right. The problem is that the first article was the result of a fire lieutenant losing his life when his fire unit was struck by a tractor trailer on I-295. You would think that... Read more
You probably saw the same news footage that I saw recently when a mother dropped her child out of a third-story window of a multi-family dwelling to neighbors waiting below. The building looked like a garden-style apartment building, which means that the only door leads into a common breezeway... Read more