Did you have turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings on Thanksgiving? A friend said she thought my family would of had roasted duck. I have eaten duck; what does it taste like? Chicken. While duck or turkey or tofurkey would have worked for me, I had to eat crow... Read more
The more keys you have, the more important you are. That’s why I have so many keys, although I have no idea what most of them fit. But I am surely important. Let’s see, I have one for my truck, one for my house, one for the office and... Read more
Transportation by foot, bicycle, automobile, public transit are options, which some are available and some are not. We know that most of us can jump in our car and go just about anywhere. Bicycling is exceedingly tougher but is coming around in small pieces; travel by foot is gaining... Read more
I read on an arrest report last week that a man had been arrested for making annoying phone calls. You cannot help but wonder what those calls were about. I can understand threatening phone calls being a problem, maybe overzealous sales calls, political robo-calls or the survey calls that... Read more
You have heard the rumors and now a county zoning sign goes up on the vacant property behind your house. What is going on here? Neighbors start to talk and you check at the planning department at the county offices. It is a shopping center, you tells your neighbors.... Read more
When we leave the bosom of education, whether it is university, technical or high school, we enter the real world – employment. Some of us use what we have learned, some of us explore vocations unrelated to our education and some of us slide by not knowing what to... Read more
Work: it is something we have to do, whether we want to or not. Some of us do it not for money but for for satisfaction and self worth. Some jobs afford us a way to change things, but that involves patience. Slow and steady wins the race as... Read more
I was 12-years-old when I rode a train for the first time – Cincinnati to Morgantown, West Virginia. Not only was it my first but I was alone. Although I do not remember how long it took, if I ate railroad food or if the train was clicking and... Read more
Bill said to his neighbor, “Did you hear Jonsey’s place, down the street, was broken into?” “Yeah, I read it in the police blotter, but they never got in, they only cut a screen,” his neighbor, Clyde, said. Bill, who lives on the cal-de-sac, bought the latest alarm system,... Read more
We at the Village News have decided that we will not continue to cover Donald Trump’s run for president. Not that we do not like him, but we, like other media outlets, have been taken in by the day after day shenanigans of this guy. Sometimes we work so... Read more