The numbers are in for 2015. Chesterfield Fire & EMS answered 39,000 plus calls for service, where greater than 75 percent of the calls for service were medical in nature. The greatest number of fire-related calls was alarm activations. The greatest number of medical incidents was difficulty breathing. What... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound. The new year is not starting out very well…not counting the big drop in the stock market (thank goodness I moved all my stuff into fixed income investment), we had a layoff at work. Never a pleasant event,... Read more
To the Editor: I agree that there is entirely too much negativity, hatred and anger in our country, but the majority of it is coming from the extreme Trumpet movement that I will assume is the Republican Party. I have never heard the threatening, screaming, lunatic behavior of the... Read more
While we haven’t quite experienced the bitter cold of winters past, twilight still appears much too soon, the trees are barren, and the world lacks color. Cardinals dot the branches of my naked trees and give me little bursts of joy, but alas, winter is still here. We may... Read more
I was watching television on New Year’s Eve, when I was quite disturbed by the message of a commercial that came on. The setting was a group of men drinking at a bar. When the one man got ready to leave, he contacted a designated driver. He left with... Read more
Hello and welcome back to the new but old version of the Dogpound. New because we are in a new year… but in this issue we are going back to 2015 for a visit. At work, the month of December is usually a very quiet month for us. We... Read more
You might get your wish if the New Year’s weekend is any indication. Clear skies blessed us and the soggy ground could have dry if the sun would give us a break. There are some interesting statistics offered by NOAA out of their Wakefield satellite station concerning our latest... Read more
To the Editor: I was reading Mr. Gray’s latest commentary “It’s Over” and found myself discouraged at the tone of the article and the division that Mr. Gray creates in an attempt to prove his point. Mr. Gray’s  notion  that today’s conservatism “has left America poorer, unhealthier, less united, and less... Read more
Fatigue is a very common medical complaint among a wide variety of age groups. Anemia is just one of the possible causes. Literally, anemia means lack of “heme” or blood. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the... Read more
Happy New Year! What is a gardener to do in the winter? Research and planning are both necessary steps in successful gardening. New or extended plant beds in the landscape is a common garden project that can be rewarding but also disappointing if not thought out thoroughly. Many gardeners... Read more