Speculation is running rampant through this end of Chesterfield. It’s not an exaggeration. The Village News Facebook page could be that case in point. I was surprised to see our posting of the Matoaca Megasite story garnered 26,096 people. I think people are interested in what this will bring... Read more
In last week’s column, I explored the lingering legacy of the Civil War in terms of flags, statues and hurt feelings.   In our local and national discourse, we sometimes lose perspective on any topic that engages our emotions. There is a danger of losing track of timeliness in our... Read more
Suddenly, one hundred and fifty years after Appomattox, the Civil War has become a hot topic yet again. Dylann Roof gets the blame for starting this. In the wake of his massacre of nine African-Americans in a Charleston church, we learned of his Confederate battle flag obsession. In a... Read more
What brought you to Chesterfield? I moved here with my family in 1992. Like many others, we moved here because of the high reputation of Chesterfield schools and then never left. We seem to have been correct in our assessment of the school system, as both our daughters were ... Read more
Dramatic changes are on the way: it is going to get a lot hotter, and Hampton Roads residents will eventually have big problems. This is according to Stephen Nash, a visiting Senior Research Scholar at the University of Richmond, from his book, “Virginia Climate Fever.” This slim volume is filled with... Read more