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  1. Chris wiegard on

    No reaction whatsoever. I guess that means everybody in Chester agrees with me on this one. 🙂

  2. Janet Perkins on

    FYI- there is an equestrian statue to General George H. Thomas at Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C. There is also a memorial monument on his grave at Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY. His wife was from there so that’s where she buried him. It’s my understanding that Mrs. Thomas did not attend the public unveiling of her husband’s statue in D.C.

  3. Jacki Lamphire on

    Dear Mr. Weigard
    I think all of this “hoo rah” over the Confederate Flag could be some megalomaniac people or
    misguided folks with misdirected anger problems.
    I don’t think too many of us were around during the Cival War. I am from the North and my great, great grandfather fought in the Yankee Army to help free slaves. I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet him, for maybe he could tell me if that was the real reason we fought in that war. I don’t know.
    History has been known (some historians are saying now) to cover up certain details. However, I think it is wrong and a terrible Idea to make it illegal to fly the Confederate Flag. THIS IS NOT A FLAG OF DISGRACE. These soldiers gave their lives just like any soldier. They were following orders. We’ve lost many of our own soldiers in this day and age by our own mistakes.
    I can see it coming for the near future, that some people who are unwilling to stand up for their country,(and their beliefs) , that soon they will be saying, “well the United States Flag” offends me , let’s tear it down. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL…. Let History alone. It will soon uncover it’s self. And if it’s the truth, it is still History. What will change? Jacki, Chester, VA. Christian, Yankee, now raising my family in the south. Love all of you.